Key information

-Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Health Education Master of Public Health (MPH) 4 2 years
PhD Health Education Ph.D. in Public Health 6 3 years
Master & PhD Combined Health Education Ph.D. in Public Health 8 4 years

– General requirements

Degree requirements M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

– Educational Purpose

The Department of Public Health has established the vision for wellness, peace, and prosperity in the world through its public health programs, which focus on life, lifestyle, happiness, and Christian peace. The Department of Public Health offers an interdisciplinary M.P.H. program that can proceed to the Ph.D. in Public Health program.

The specific objectives of this program are:

  1. Train competent public health researchers and educators through research methodology and the pursuit of truth supported by health and social science knowledge.
  2. Generate high quality research results, by cultivating discipline for self-study and intellectual independence.
  3. Prepare resilient leaders with the Christian mindset for Public Health service in Korea and the larger international community.
  4. Train public health professionals by giving cutting-edge knowledge and developing life-long learning abilities for public health specialization.

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