Key information

-Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Normal Physical Therapy M.S. in Addiction Science 4 2 years
Nerovous System Major
Musculoskeletal System Major
Sports Physical Therapy Major
Ph.D Normal Physical Therapy Ph.D. in Addiction Science 6 3 years
Master & Ph.D. Combined Normal Physical Therapy Ph.D. in Addiction Science 8 4 years

– General requirements

Degree requirements M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirements TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71) IELTS 5.5/ CEFR B2/TEPS 600(NEW TEPS 327)
  • Educational Purpose

The educational purpose of the Department of Physical Therapy at the Graduate School of Sahmyook University is based on the educational ideology of Hongik human beings in Korea and the Christian education of the whole person in the body, spirit, and spirit of the University. It aims to cultivate Christian physical therapists who will contribute to the development and health of human society by cultivating physical therapy leader character and creative research ability. The specific goals are as follows.

  1. Based on love for God and man, high ethics, and moral view, we must cultivate the character of a physical therapy leader who respects human life and dignity.
  2. Students have problem-solving skills by utilizing the profound theory of physical therapy and their expertise in physical therapy to meet all needs related to human health and well-being.
  3. Students have the creative thinking skills and research skills necessary to properly understand knowledge in physical therapy and health-related fields, raise problems, and induce new knowledge.
  4. The role of physical therapy educators, physical therapy managers, and clinical physical therapy experts who can contribute to the improvement of health level and the development of human society can be performed by exploring the theory of physical therapy, developing character as a physical therapy leader, and cultivating research capabilities.

-Contact Information

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