1. How to apply


-Required Documents

□ Application Form

□ Passport Size Photo X1

□ Photo copy of student’s passport

□ Self-Introduction and Study Plan

□ School Diploma

□ Academic Record

□ Bank Deposit Certificate : for 6month- $10,000 for 1year- $20,000

  • Apostille Certified, or B) for China 中国⾼等教育学历认证报告, or C) Korean Embassy Certified


02 Registration Process



□ Prepare documents

□ Mail them to Sahmyook University

Korean Language School

□ Evaluate documents

□ Issue Certificate of admission

□ Request students for tuition payment

□ Issue enrollment certificate and tuition receipt

□ Send document back to student for visa application


□ Take the document to Korean Embassy for visa application

□ Get ready to fly (Please inform us of your flight information for airport pick-up)


Contact us at   

Sahmyook University Korean Language School

815 Hwarangro, Nowon-gu, Seoul 01795, South Korea

Tel. +82.2.3399.3606 Fax. +82.2.3399.3607 E-mail: korean@syu.ac.kr