Sahmyook University


Why study at Sahmyook?

  • You can study in small classes where your teacher knows who you are and how to help you.
  • Our program teaches all aspects of Korean, from reading, writing, and grammar, to listening and speaking skills, to get you ready for college in Korea.
  • There are many opportunities to travel around Korea; you are in Seoul!
  • Your teachers are highly educated and experienced in teaching Korean as a second language.


Korean Language School

We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds, whether you are a beginner or almost fluent in Korean. Sahmyook University offers Korean Language program for students who do not speak Korean as a first Language. The program helps students improve their Korean through coursework, cultural trips, and many different activities. The program also teaches students about fitting into Korean culture and helps them adjust quickly and smoothly. When students successfully complete the program, they are ready to transition into regular university classes.


  1. Yearly Academic Schedule
Term Begins Ends Duration
1 January February 132 hours

(6 weeks and 3 days)

2 March April
3 May June
4 July August
5 September October
6 November December
  • For detailed school dates and registration dates, please contact us.


  1. Class Hours
Periods Class Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 09:00~09:50 Grammar
2 10:00~10:50
3 11:00~11:50 Functional Studies: Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading comprehension
4 12:00~12:50


  1. Class Levels
Level Language Skills
1 Beginner Able to generate sentences using 800-word basic vocabulary and beginner grammar.
2 Able to use 1,500~2,000 vocabulary to understand and express paragraphs involving private and friendly topics.
3 Intermediate Have no difficulty in language functions needed in living an everyday life.
4 Able to fluently understand and express social and abstract themes.
5 Advanced Able to express language functions needed in research and work in fields of expertise to a certain extent.
6 Able to fluently and perfectly express language functions needed in research and work in fields of expertise.


  1. Tuition
Term Duration Tuition Registration Fee
1 term 2 months 1,000,000KRW 100,000KRW


2 terms 4 months 2,000,000KRW
3 terms 6 months 3,000,000KRW
4 terms 8 months 4,000,000KRW
5 terms 10 months 5,000,000KRW
6 terms 12 months 6,000,000KRW
  • Minimum of 2 terms of registration is required for D-4-1 visa.


Bank Information

Name of Bank WOORI BANK, Sampung branch
Account Number 071-070696-13-138


  1. Scholarships
  • Performance Scholarship
Price Amount Required
1 125,000KRW Attendance rate: 90% and above

Academic score : 85% and above

Recommendation from teachers

2 100,000KRW
3 80,000KRW

Perfect Attendance Reward

Amount Required
50,000KRW Attendance rate of 100%


  1. Dormitory Fees
Period 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Triple room 721,000KRW 1,332,000KRW 2,554,000KRW
Double room 721,000KRW 1,566,000KRW 3,022,000KRW
  • Dormitory fees are subject to change.
  • Meals can be eaten after purchase through the app it costs 4,500 won per meal.


Contact us at

Sahmyook University Korean Language School

815 Hwarangro, Nowon-gu, Seoul 01795, South Korea

Tel. +82.2.3399.3606 Fax. +82.2.3399.3607 E-mail.