What is ITP Toefl?


Lower application fee compared to the existing IBT TOEFL!

ETS’s institutional TOEFL program is easy to implement anytime, anywhere through rapid procedures.



Features of IPT TOEFL


TOEFL ITP (Test of English as a Foreifn Language Institutional Testing Program)

 It is a standardized test produced by ETS, which has operated a reliable test.

 It was first conducted in 1964 and is a reliable test taken by more than 110 countries and organizations, including Japan and Mexico.

 This is useful for students who want to prepare for TOEFL with the same type of questions as the existing TOEFL.

 The cost of applying is one-sixth of the existing TOEFL, and the results of the evaluation are within seven days.


Purpose of ITP TOEFL


The same questions and scoring method as the actual TOEFL.


TOEFL ITP is effective in improving TOEFL scores in the same format as the actual TOEFL. Therefore, schools and educational institutions such as universities, high schools, language institutes, etc. are mainly using it to improve their learning skills and to improve their English skills for employment or studying abroad.






 The difficulty, method, time, and number of questions of the test are the same as the paper-based test format TOEFL. Therefore, the distribution of scores also appears as a distribution of 310 to 677.

 The number of test questions and time are as follows.

Section 1 (Listening Comprehension) 50 questions 35 minutes
Section 2 (Structure and Written) 40 questions 25 minutes
Section 3 (Reading Comprehension) 50 questions 55 minutes
The cost of stay varies by country, university, and individual, and generally follows:

 ITP TOEFL scores cannot be officially submitted to external institutions like regular TOEFL scores, but if you apply as exchange students to Andrews University, Southwestern Adventist University, and Southern Adventist University of the United States, your TOEFL scores can be recognized. (Other agencies disapprove of grades)


Test schedule (can be rescheduled according to circumstances)

Date of examination Examination time Receiving start date Receipt closing date Date of announcement of grades
1 January 29, 2020(WED) 15:00 8-Jan(WED) 20-Jan(MON) 5-Feb(WED)
2 February 12, 2020(WED) 15:00 20-Jan(MON) 10-Feb(MON) 19-Feb(WED)
3 February 12, 2020(WED) 18:00 27-Jan(MON) 24-Feb(MON) 4-Mar(WED)
4 March 11, 2020(WED) 18:00 10-Feb(MON) 9-Mar(MON) 16-Mar(MON)
5 April 29, 2020(WED) 18:00 10-Mar(TUE) 20-Apr(MON) 8-May(FRI)
6 May 27, 2020(WED) 18:00 21-Apr(TUE) 18-May(MON) 3-Jun(WED)
7 June 24, 2020(WED) 15:00 19-May(TUE) 15-Jun(MON) 1-Jul(WED)
8 September 23, 2020(WED) 18:00 16-Jun(TUE) 14-Sep(MON) 5-Oct(MON)
9 October 28, 2020(WED) 18:00 15-Sep(TUE) 19-Oct(MON) 4-Nov(WED)
10 December 23, 2020(WED) 18:00 20-Oct(TUE) 21-Dec(MON) 31-Dec(THU)

 (If the number of applicants is less than 10, the test will be canceled.)


Test site

 Daniel Hall (Individual guidance later)


Precautions on the day of the test

 Must enter the examination room 10 minutes before the designated time.

 Unable to enter after the start of PART.1 Listening

 ID card with picture (resident registration card, driver’s license, passport before expiration) Cannot take the test who does not have the ID. If all three of the above identification cards are missing, it can be replaced by the application for reissuance of resident registration card at the community service center.)

 Pencil and eraser (no pens, ballpoint pens)


Application Method

 Reception page: http://b2b.toeic.co.kr/syu

 Shortcut to application > Self-certification > Receipt

 Admission fee: 30,000 won (including VAT)



Application fee refund

 Cancellation can only be made during the period of receipt, can not canceled after the period of receipt.

 Unable to return the examination fee if you are late, absent, or unable to take the exam due to lack of identification


Issue of report card

 Online grade notification and issuance: Print and issue at http://ipresult.toeflitp.co.kr from 15:00 on the day of presentation

 Issued purchase: Up to two copies can be printed free of charge, and if exceeded, a reissue fee of 2,000 won per copy shall be paid.


Supervision and supervision of testing

 YBM Korea TOEIC Committee


Inquiry: YBM Korea TOEIC Committee

 Inquiries regarding the application of the test 02)2280-7272

 Error questions related to application fee payment 02)1600-1522

 Contact the Institute of International Education: 02-3399-3602