Key information

-Course information

Number of semester Duration
Master course 4 2 years
Master & Ph.D. combined course 8 4 years
Ph.D. course 6 6 years

– General requirements

Degree requirements M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

With the aim of developing phyicially, intellectually and spiritually-balanced professional social workers on the foundation of Sahmyook University’‘s educational philosophy:

First, we educate students to become researchers and professional social welfare practitioners who spread love and truth to the world.

Second, we educate students through specialized academic curriculum to become competitive professional social welfare practitioners as demanded by the society.

Third, we endeavor to improve human welfare and quality of life by devising a plan of action based on the study of social welfare and social science way of thinking as required by the contemporary world.

-Contact Information

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