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-Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master business administration MBA 4 2 years

– General requirements

Degree requirements MBA Bachelor’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

– Educational purpose

Business administration is one of the important academic areas in the field of social science, with one of the economic entities, enterprise-related activities, as the subject of research based on an understanding of the nature of capitalism. In other words, business administration is an academic field that aims to contribute to improving the quality of life for the nation and mankind through the growth and development of enterprises. Therefore, it is a contemporary demand for business administration to cultivate future-oriented professional managers who combine initiative, creativity, and balanced ethical morality to respond to rapid changes in the business environment and have logical thinking, rational judgment, and the ability to implement them.

The purpose of this business school’s education is to teach knowledge that harmonizes intelligence, spirituality and body according to the ideology of Sahmyook education in order to meet the needs of the modern times, while the trend of the times in the rapidly changing modern business environment and cultivating a whole-hearted management expert with a mission, vision and passion that will not be swayed by the change of the times.

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