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[NEWS] Overseas Employment Project Expands to be Run by Union of 3 Universities from this Year

2022-08-05 10,786

The K-Move School, the flagship overseas employment assistance program of Sahmyook University, will be expanded and run by 3 universities together. The aim of the expansion is to form a consortium with Daejin University and Duksung Women’s University to establish an overseas employment base in the northeast region of the Seoul metropolitan area, producing more than 100 overseas workers per year.

Sahmyook University was selected to operate the K-Move School (overseas employment training project) – United Universities’ Course, organized and managed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

This comprehensive overseas employment training project is an education and training program tailored to the needs of overseas companies, and it offers language and job training, as well as employment counseling and placement, and even various information for on-location settlement after employment. Sahmyook University has been selected to run this project for 5 consecutive years since 2018, successfully supporting as many as 80 students to be employed in companies in the U.S. so far.

In particular, the United Universities’ Course, for which the university is selected this year, is a newly launched segment of the program where Sahmyook University, the operator of the program, will join hands with Daejin University and Duksung Women’s University to form the Global INNO-Biz – Northern Seoul United Project Group and pursue various activities and projects.

The business period has increased from 1 to 2 years (up to 4 years), and the amount of support per student has been increased from 8 million won to 12 million won. In addition, a Preparatory Course has been newly launched for students in their freshman, sophomore, or junior years to support them with early preparation for employment abroad and facilitate smooth connection to the main program.

Starting from August, the United Project Group will run the following four main courses for about 80 graduates and/or graduates-to-be: 1) U.S. Global e-Biz Professional Training Course (25 SU students); 2) U.S. Global Professional Designers Training Course (20 SU students); 3) U.S. Global Business Professional Training Course (20 Daejin University students); and 4) U.S. Smart Trade, Logistics, and Accounting Experts (15 Duksung Women’s University students).

Through 600 to 640 hours of intensive training, including vocational training, business English language training, and cultural, safety, and legal education, the program aims to cultivate professionals based on the local demand who are equipped with hands-on, practical skills and capabilities. Off-campus, the United Project Group will fully leverage networks such as local alumni organizations in the U.S. and overseas employment agencies to focus on identifying outstanding companies and securing and verifying potential employing companies. Furthermore, the group will operate a follow-up management system to support local adaptation and settlement after employment.

The program launches yet another preparatory course for students in all academic years; this year, it hosts a total of 480 participating students: 280 students from Sahmyook University in 2 courses, 100 students from Daejin University and Duksung Women’s University in 1 course, each. The prep course offers extracurricular courses such as Business Manners, Occupational Categories for Overseas Employment, Overseas Employment Briefings, and Global Business English, providing overseas employment information and enhancing participants’ basic language skills.

“The goal is to produce more than 100 overseas workers a year by sharing our experience and know-how accumulated in the successful operation of the K-Move School for the past 5 years with Daejin University and Duksung Women’s University and by joining hands together,” Ahn Ki-hun, Director of the SU Employment Career Support Center, said. He continued, “We will fully utilize each participating university’s educational resources and capabilities to make up for the limitations of domestic employment and foster human resources needed in this rapidly changing era of global competition.”

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