About Sahmyook


Education that Changes Men,
University that Changes the World.

MVP University, Glocal Leadership Training!

President, Sahmyook University JE HAE JONG


Innovation echoes across the globe.
True innovation begins with the transformation of individuals.

Without first transforming individual minds, innovation loses its essence.
It merely stirs up discord and confusion.

Remember, innovation isn't what transforms minds. No. Rather, it’s the transformed individuals that change the world and drive genuine innovation forward.

Education that Changes Man, University that Changes the World.

Since its inception in 1906, Sahmyook University has embraced the responsibility of revolutionizing the world through progressive education, spanning over a century.

Sahmyook University will continue to cultivate individuals who champion holistic education, promoting intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being. Our goal is to nurture leaders who embody the spirit of truth, love, and service, in our pursuit of creating a warm and beautiful world.

We extend a warm invitation to be part of the journey towards the promising future Sahmyook University envisions.