Student exchange recruitment program

Through the exchange program with affiliated universities, you can enroll for a designated period of time (minimum of a semester to a year), participating in instructional programs that will enhance their educational experience in addition to receiving credit at their universities. On top of the academic benefits, this program will allow you to experience and learn Korean culture first-hand and help you broaden your worldview.. (Students must consult with their university to see if the credits are acceptable with their administrative policy)


  1. 1.Students that qualify must acquire a D2-6 Visa (exchange student visa).
  2. 2.Students must be enrolled in a university that is affiliated with Sahmyook University (Students on a leave of absence will also be allowed)
  3. 3.Students must have completed at least one term at their university.

Possible amount of credits obtained

  1. 1.17 credits in 6 months, 34 credits in a year
  2. 2.Departments available with English lectures: Theology, English Literature, Nursing Physical Therapy, Counselling Psychology, Health Management
  3. 3.Korean lectures (reading, writing, listening and speaking) 3 credits each, total of 9 credits available

Application period

Semester Spring Semester
(March ~ June)
Fall Semester
(September ~ December)
Application Period November 1 ~ November 15 May 1 ~ May 15
Please consult the exact application deadline to your home institution

Submission of documents (email or ground mail)

  • Proof of enrollment
  • Transcript
  • University president's letter of recommendation for the exchange program
  • Copy of passport
  • Exchange student application form

Registration(Visa) Process

  • 01 Document Submission Applicant

  • 02 Screening University

  • 03 Issue Admission Letter University

  • 04 Receipt of Admission Letter Applicant

  • 05 D2-6 VISA Issuance Embassy

Benefits of the exchange student program

  • Airport pick-up once admitted into the country
  • Various programs to experience the culture
  • University amenities available:
    • library
    • gym (discount applied)
    • nurses office

Etc: Air fare is not provided and enrollment of health insurance is mandatory

Contact Us
International Exchange Office
  • +82-2-3399-3602
Department Office
  • +82-2-3399-1593