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Han Kyoung Sik, Director-General of Industry-Academic Cooperation

The era we live in is an internationalized society of rapid change and growth amid a wave of rapid informatization. In this infinite competition, the role of schools and companies is important in the future.

In order to increase our competitiveness, Samyuk University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Group strives to promote research and technology development in various fields and to enhance our competitiveness by establishing a cooperative system through organic connection with systematic and efficient industries.

Samyuk University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Group supports the development of difficult technologies by field companies and will support all resources, including all research personnel, equipment, and facilities, for research and development projects related to constant technology development.

In particular, this university establishes a systematic industry-academic cooperation system with practical talent for university development and national development at the time of the new era, and strives for joint research and development of asset research. Our efforts now will emerge in the near future as a remarkable and beautiful reality of remarkable development.

To this end, Samyuk University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Group will establish a continuous support system for schools and contribute to national development and social contribution by fostering competitive talents by forming a living network with field industries.

Please give us a lot of support with your passion and love.