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Partner Universities

Overseas Affiliated Schools Country Date
Andrews University USA 2001-05-24
La Sierra University USA 2001-06-26
Mission College Thailand 2002-04-13
University of Pune India 2002-04-23
Adventist College of Professional Studies India 2002-05-01
Spicer Memorial College India 2002-07-08
Helderberg College South Africa 2002-07-17
Tanzania Adventist College Tanzanian 2002-07-26
Loma Linda University – Graduate School of Nursing USA 2002-10-31
Southwestern Adventist University USA 2003-04-17
Taiwan Adventist College Taiwan 2003-05-25
Avondale College Australia 2003-05-29
Atlantic Union College USA 2003-11-24
Pacific Union College USA 2003-09-03
Bogenhofen Seminary Austria 2004-06-26
Russian Sahmyook University Russia 2004-09-20
Babcock University Nigeria 2004-09-20
Roorkee Adventist College India 2004-08-29
Hebei University China 2005-04-20
Shenyang University of Technology China 2005-04-22
Yuxi Teachers’ College China 2005-11-22
Newbold College UK 2005-12-01
Solusi University Zimbabwe 2006-07-26
Mountain View College Philippines 2006-10-10
South Philippine Adventist College Philippines 2006-10-10
Central Philippine Adventist College Philippines 2006-10-10
Valley View University Ghana 2006-10-10
Bugema University Uganda 2006-10-10
Bangladesh Adventist Seminary And College Bangladesh 2006-10-10
University Of Eastern Africa-baraton Kenya 2006-10-10
University Of The Southern Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago 2006-10-10
University Of Arusha Tanzanian 2006-10-10
Hong Kong Adventist College China(Hong Kong) 2006-10-10
Northeast Adventist College India 2006-10-10
Lowry Memorial College India 2006-10-10
Adventist University Of The Philippines Philippines 2006-10-10
Ethiopian Adventist College Ethiopia 2006-10-10
Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology China 2007-05-30
Jilin Medical College China 2007-05-30
Northeast Dianli University China 2007-05-30
Tomakomai Komazawa University Japan 2007-12-14
Southern Adventist University USA 2008-06-25
Northeast Normal University China 2008-09-05
Osaka Sangyo University Japan 2008-09-29
Yamanashi Prefectural University Japan 2009-02-17
Adventist University of Africa Kenya 2009-09-22
Hebei collage of finance China 2010-04-08
Fukuoka Prefectural University Japan 2010-05-12
Montemorelos University Mexico 2010-07-09
Zaozhaung University China 2010-10-20
Long Island University USA 2012-07-13
Walla Walla University USA 2013-01-17
Loma Linda University USA 2013-01-08
Shandong University(WeiHai) China 2012-12-03
University of Malaya Malaysia 2013-07-01
Tokyo Keizai University Japan 2013-09-17
Osaka City University Japan 2013-11-27
Adventist University of France France 2014-03-25
Amazonia Adventist College Brazil 2014-03-25
Centro Universitario Adventista De São Paulo Brazil 2014-03-25
Central American Adventist University Costa Rica 2014-03-25
Chile Adventist University Chile 2014-03-25
Colombia Adventist University Colombia 2014-03-25
Cuba Adventist Theological Seminary Cuba 2014-03-25
Dominican Adventist University Dominican Republic 2014-03-25
Ecuador Adventist University Ecuador 2014-03-25
Friedensau Adventist University Germany 2014-03-25
Haitian Adventist University Haiti 2014-03-25
Italian Adventist College Villa Aurora Italy 2014-03-25
Linda vista University Mexico 2014-03-25
Minas Gerais Adventist College Brazil 2014-03-25
Navojoa University Mexico 2014-03-25
Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College Pakistan 2014-03-25
Peruvian Union University Peru 2014-03-25
River Plate Adventist University Argentina 2014-03-25
Spanish Adventist Seminary Spain 2014-03-25
Adriatic Union College Croatia 2014-05-20
School of Visual Arts USA 2014-08-22
Canadian University College Canada 2014-07-01
The University of Texa Rio Grande Valley USA 2017-02-14
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Kazakhstan 2017-10-01
Surya Nusantara Adventist University Indonesia 2017-04-01
Asia University Taiwan 2017-05-03
Hangzhou Normal University China 2017-04-16
He Ze University China 2017-06-18
Hengshui University China 2017-07-04
Sahmyook Junior College Mongolia 2017-06-23
Jining University China 2017-06-20
Hai Phong Medical University Vietnam 2017-08-27
Zhejiang International Studies University China 2017-11-27
Guangdong university of foreign studies China 2017-12-22
Shandong urban constrution college China 2017-12-18
Tbilisi State Academy of Arts Georgia 2017-11-09
Flaiz Adventist College India 2018-01-29
University of Guam USA 2018-05-15
DeZhou University China 2018-05-18
Morinomiya university of Medical Scicnce Japan 2018-07-05
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, South China Business College China 2018-06-21
Chuxiong Normal University China 2018-06-21
Pyongyang University of Science &Technology North Korea 2018-11-09
Lyceum of the Philippines University Philippines 2018-11-20
Vinh University Vietnam 2019-01-08
University of Social Sciences and Humanities Vietnam 2019-02-01
Changchun University China 2019-02-25
Changchun Vocational Institute of Technology China 2019-02-26
BAC HA College of Technology Vietnam 2019-05-20
Cebu Technological University Philippines 2019-06-05
HanoiVocationalCollegeofHignTechnology Vietnam 2019-05-22
Adventist Health Care USA 2019-09-18
Hanoi Medical University Vietnam 2019-04-17
Global Leadership Univeristy Mongolia 2019-05-17
Haikou College of Economics China 2019-06-10
Shandong Urban Constrution Vocational College China 2019-09-26
Hanoi Polytechnic College Vietnam 2019-08-01
Huafan University Taiwan 2019-10-01