Physical Education Cultural center

Sahmyook University Gymnasium is prepared for your health and hobbies. There is a spacious indoor gym on the first floor, including an underground swimming pool, a golf training court, and a table tennis court. In the indoor gym on the first floor, you can enjoy basketball, badminton, and squash, and there are also various instructional programs that students can enjoy at reasonable prices.

Gymnasium 2nd floor

Main stadium

  • Scale: 1 basketball court, 1 volleyball court, 4 badminton courts

Swimming pool

  • Scale: Adult pool 25m x 5 lanes, infant pool
  • Depth: Adult pool 1.2m ~ 1.5m, infant pool 0.7m


  • Equipment: Treadmill and 49 other types of equipment, physical fitness measurement room

Golf practice court

  • Scale: 6 regular bays (1 Left handed), 2 screen golf stations

Table tennis court

  • Equipment: 5 table tennis tables installed

Dance studio

  • Classes offered: pilates, Korean folk dance, and ballet for children