Korean Language School Application

Personal Informaon

Given Name:
Date of Birth:
Passport No:
Visa Type:
Alien Registration No:
Phone Number:
Address in Korea:
Address in Home Country:


Term(s) you wish to attend.

2021 2022
1학기(1st Term) Jan~Feb
2학기(2nd Term) Mar~Apr
3학기(3rd Term) May~Jun
4학기(4th Term) Jul~Aug
5학기(5th Term)Sep~Oct
6학기(6th Term)Nov~Dec
Tuition 6,000,000 KRW
Application fee (Non-Refundable) 100,000 KRW
Total 6,100,000 KRW

Payment Informaon

Class Schedule (No Class on National Holidays)
Monday ~ Friday 09:00~13:00
6 weeks 3days 132hrs of class


Application Fee : 100,000KRW (Non-refundable)
Tuition for 1 Term : 1,000,000KRW

How to pay your Tuition

Nane of Bank : WOORI BANK, Sampung branch
Account numver : 071-070696-13-138
SWIFT CODE : hvbkkrsexxx

Academic History

Education received

Name of School:
Year of Graduation:

Have you Studied Korean Language Before?

If yes, where?
University, Level :
or other.
for how long?

Dormitory registraon

I would like to live in a dormitory.

Dormitory Fees

Dormitory Informaon

Dormitory Fees

3 Months : 838,000KRW
6 Months : 1,566,000KRW
1 Year : 3,022,000KRW

Dormitory fees are subject to change

Meals can be eaten after purchase through the app.
It costs 4,500 won per meal.
You can add more meal plan anytime
Serving a Vegetarian Diet

Financial Informaon means of support

Sponsor’s Name:
Relationship to the student:
Sponsor’s Citizenship:
Sponsor’s Telephone:
Sponsor’s Occupation:
Sponsor’s E-mail address:
Sponsor’s Gender:
Amount of Support (Yearly):
Supporting Institution:

Refund Policy

Tuition is only refunded on following reasons

  • when Visa is rejected
  • returning home : must submit a copy of purchased air ticket with departing date
  • due to illness or accident, cannot come to school for the rest of the session.
  • Full refund is granted if canceled a week prior to the first day of the session.
  • 90% of tuition will be refunded if canceled within seven days prior to the session.
  • 70% of tuition will be refunded if canceled within first two weeks of the session.
  • 50% of tuition will be refunded if canceled between 3rd and 4th week of the session.
  • No refund is available from 5th week of the session.

You must submit refund request form to Korean Language School Office in order to get refund

  • Processing the requested refund may take up to 10 business days

Dormitory Rule

You must be in your room by 23:00

  • No smoking, No drinking on Campus
  • Each semester, you must attend at least 25 prayer meetings held by the dormitory
  • you must learn the dormitory rules and keep them
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