Recruitment of short-term overseas trainees

Training cost

  • National Treasury Support: Full educational support – including accommodation, food and traveler’s insurance.
  • Student’s expense: Round-trip airfare
  • Credit recognition: 3 credits for liberal arts elective subjects


  • Students enrolled in all departments (non-applicable to students that applied for leave of absence)
  • A person who has completed at least one semester in this school and has a score of 3.0 or higher in the previous semester.
  • A person who has never participated in language training programs funded by the government or their school during their high school and/or university years:

    (Except participants in 2018 Winter Philippine Language Training)

  • Those scheduled to graduate (more than 2 semesters in 4th grade) are excluded from the selection list (except for students in second semesters in 5th grade in architecture and second semesters in 6th grade in pharmacy)
  • Those who can participate in group project activities

Recruitment details

  • Training institution: Overseas sister university
  • Training: Language Training + Team Project (3 days)
  • Recruitment: 00 people
  • Selection process: Twice the number of applicants is selected first and the second interview is conducted.
  • Primary selection:
    1. Higher grade order (50%)
    2. Last semester’s grades (50%)
    3. Language score (up to 5 percent of added points) – above the official English standard score
    1. ⅰ.Additional points are applied based on TOEIC scores. When other language scores are applied, the lowest TOEIC score is applied if the distribution range of language scores is wide.
    2. ⅱ.Additional points: 600 points to 699 points 2%, 700 points to 799 points 3%, 800 points to 899 points 4%, and 900 points to 999 points 5%)
    3. ⅲ.Base score: 600 TOEIC/ 69 TOEFL (IBT)/485 TEPS/ 110 TEPS/OPIc IM1

    If you enter the wrong language score when submitting the Suwings application, the applicant will be responsible, and if you enter it falsely, the acceptance may be canceled.

  • Secondary selection:
    1. ① Interview (80%)
    2. ② Academic plan (20%)
  • Final Selection: Primary Total (50%) + Secondary Total (50%)

Required documents

  • Primary selection successful candidate: academic plan (attached form), copy of language report card, transcript
  • Final successful candidate: Application for participation (print out from SU-WINGS)-parent’s consent form, copy of passport


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