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[NEWS] Inaugural Showdown: SU Welcomes 1,000 Rising Stars of 2024

2024-02-28 408

Embarking on a spirited journey, Sahmyook University set the stage for the ‘Freshmen MVP Camp’ from February 19th to 23rd, unfolding across various corners of the campus.

This extravaganza, known as the MVP Camp, unfolds as a holistic educational spectacle tailored for incoming freshmen, sculpting personalities endowed with Mission, Vision, and Passion. With its inception in 2010, this marks the 15th glorious year, beckoning new students to meet their future companions and glean invaluable insights for university life before stepping into the hallowed halls.

This year’s MVP Camp embraced over 1,000 eager prospective students, meticulously selected on a first-come, first-served basis. The event gracefully unfurled in two acts—first from February 19th to 21st and the grand finale from February 21st to 23rd. A harmonious blend of academia and camaraderie, the attendees indulged in a 2-night, 3-day immersive campus experience.

Prospective freshmen found themselves engrossed in a rich tapestry of activities encompassing orientation rituals, departmental rendezvous, enlightening lectures, intimate small-group sessions, collective community endeavors, and the grand spectacle of the Sahmyook Festival. This marked the commencement of their collegiate journey, a prelude to a vibrant and rewarding university sojourn.

President Kim Il-Mok, with an air of optimism, shared, “The ‘MVP Camp’ symbolizes the inaugural stride towards sculpting you, the fresh faces of the Class of 2024, into distinguished MVP talents. Here’s to the four years ahead—a collaborative odyssey of shaping dreams. A warm and heartfelt welcome to our newest members of the Sahmyook family.”

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