Smith College of Liberal Arts


  • The Smith College of Liberal Arts is an educational institution of general education and future-oriented liberal arts education that was established to develop and provide diverse educational contents and methods based on Sahmyook University’s ideology in order to cultivate outstanding experts in various fields to meet the needs of society.
  • Smith College of Liberal Arts goes beyond a method of education that merely delivers theories and instead drives students to think creatively, analyze, and practice what they learn.
  • Smith College of Liberal Arts’ Co-Curriculum includes an array of programs which help students enhance their integrated thinking skills, develop organic engagement competencies, and explore their knowledge capabilities.
  • In recognition of the importance of liberal arts education, in 2016, the Department of Liberal Arts and Teacher Training was raised in its status to a college and named “Smith College.“ In 2019, the institution was renamed as “Smith College of Liberal Arts,“ and since then has been providing enhanced basic education and liberal art education.

Educational Goal

  • Smith College of Liberal Arts aims to provide basic general education and future-oriented liberal arts education based on the ideology of Sahmyook education to equip students with essential and fundamental virtues as global citizens.
  • Smith College’s curriculum comprise

    1) courses for developing commonly required basic competencies, 2) courses for building a basic foundational knowledge and acumen for each area in order to cultivate balanced interdisciplinary skills, and 3) courses that can train the body and mind. This well-structured curriculum leads students to form and develop convergent and consilient insights.

  • During the enrollment period, the six core competencies are reinforced when students follow the structure of the curriculum and take basic liberal arts courses, core liberal arts courses, and required or optional general elective courses.

Who we are looking for

  • Genuine and sincere individuals with honesty and clarity who will lead the society of the future based on the Christian spirit
  • Creative individuals who are equipped with a breadth of knowledge, creative thinking, and a desire to learn
  • Practical individuals who achieve harmony and balance by combining the ideas of empathy and coexistence through sharing and practice

Our Experts

Course Introduction

Core Required

  • Chinese Drama Performance

    This course is for students majoring in Chinese. Students learn to communicate as they create a play in Chinese.

  • Monographic and Chinese Qualifications Tests

    The course evaluates the academic competency and knowledge for students majoring in Chinese

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