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[NEWS] SU Professors’ Wives Donate 30 Million Won Scholarship for Foreign Students

supr 2021-07-27 104

Sahmyook Love Shop’s Scholarship Fund Accumulates to 72 Million Won


Wives of SU professors rolled up their sleeves to support foreign students struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sahmyook Love Shop, a volunteering group of wives of professors at Sahmyook University, donated 30 million won to the university for school development and scholarships for students.

Sahmyook Love Shop has been selling sponsored goods from various fields of society and donating the entire profit as scholarship funds for students since 2013. The total amount of donations so far has accumulated to 72 million won.

Specifically, the group began supporting 15 foreign students from Vietnam, China, India, the Philippines, Iraq, and Cameroon last year. The scholarship fund is greatly benefiting these struggling foreign students because they are not eligible for the Korean government scholarships, the part-time job market is virtually closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, and also because their families in their home countries are in economic difficulties.

The most recent fund-raising event was for a Vietnamese student whose newborn baby had a symptom of stiffness in their fingers and required rehabilitation treatment. On July 16, the good-willed wives held a giveaway event for foreign students at the parking lot in front of the recreation center on the campus, selling clothes, cosmetics, bread, soy milk, and Korean rice cakes.

“We are glad to see our scholarship fund growing because it means we can extend help to more students in need,“ President Kwon Yeong-sun of the Sahmyook Love Shop said. “We pray that the students will grow into great and capable members of society when they go back to their countries.“

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