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[NEWS] SAY, SU Youth Church Holds "2022 Summer Intensive Discipleship Course"

2022-08-05 18,259

Beginning on June 21, Sahmyook Adventist Youth (SAY), held the 2022 Summer Intensive Discipleship Course for a month. The discipleship course is held twice each year, during summer and winter vacations, with the aim of establishing a vision of domestic and international missions and cultivating student missionaries for on-campus missions.

Led by 12 pastors, this summer’s program hosted 22 participants in the mentee course, 27 participants in the disciple course, and 16 participants in the shepherd course who all eagerly took part in different activities. The 65 participants spent 1 week on preparation, 2 weeks on discipleship training, 1 week on field training, and another week on executive retreats and feedback meetings.

The training, which was conducted in the dormitory on campus, provided a program tailored for the needs and missions of the youth, consisting of the Basic Courses for each course (18 hours), Training in the Word, Worship Training, Prayer Training, Gift Ministry Training, Love & Faith, Reading & Spirituality, Personal Spirituality Training, and Special Lectures by Seniors.

For the field training, which offers an opportunity for participants to practice what they have learned, the participants volunteered at the summer Bible camp at Yeuju Central Church for children in the local children’s center. In closing the training program, the SAY members held a reporting meeting and an executive retreat to share their various experiences in the program and the mission field, as well as to discuss the mission strategy for the fall semester in order to implement the university’s educational philosophy.

Pastor Soh Seong-hyeon, director of the SAY discipleship training, said, “The 1-month discipleship training and outreach activities will be the foundation for the spiritual ministry of the fall semester. We ask for the prayers and support of the fellow believers for the Pentecostal revival to take place on this campus.”

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