Non-Degree Programs


The International Summer School is a two-week program where the students will be taking roughly 30 hours of class. All students enrolled in the International Summer School program will have an opportunity to experience the best education provided by our faculty members with diverse experience in academic research and achievements in their field of study.


*The courses may change every year.

Cultural Program

Students will be able to enjoy variety of extracurricular activities if student does not take optional afternoon program.


Daniel Hall

Housing (Dormitory)


  • College : Sahmyook University’s International Summer School is available to all students currently enrolled to a university or a college. Students that have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in 4.0 grading are eligible to apply.
  • Pre-college : Sahmyook University’s International Summer School is also available to committed high-school students.


  1. (1) If the students are citizens from countries that have visa exemption agreement with the Republic of Korea, students do not have to apply for a special visa while participating in the International Summer School since it is held for only 2 weeks. Upon arrival, students will receive a 90-day tourist visa, which will be sufficient to partake in the program.
  2. (2) A short- term visa (D-2-8) or (C-3) may be required if the student’s country requires a visa to enter Korea. For more information on visa requirements and application, please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate to see whether or not a visa is mandatory.


  • Korean nationals are required to submit a copy of their National Health Insurance (can be retrieved from the National Health Insurance website).
  • Foreign nationals are required to get travel insurance or other insurance approved in Korea.
  • For more information please contact us.

Registration Process

  1. (1) Sign up
  2. (2) Prepare documents.
  3. (3) Fill up the application form
  4. (4) Fill up the Self-Introduction and Study Plan
  5. (5) Submit required documents
  • Required documents
  • Passport Size Photo(3.5cm*4.5cm)
  • Photo copy of student’s passport
  • School Diploma
    A)postille Certified, or B) for China 中国⾼等教育学历认证报告, or C) Korean Embassy Certified)
  • Academic Record
    A)postille Certified, or B) for China 中国⾼等教育学历认证报告, or C) Korean Embassy Certified)
  • Bank Deposit Certificate : for 6month- $10,000 for 1year- $20,000
  1. (6) Online Payment
  2. (7) Sahmyook University Korean Language School will evaluate documents
  3. (8) Receive the needed documents from school to apply for visa
  4. (9) Take the document to Korean Embassy for visa application
  5. (10) Inform the school if you need airport pick-up (additional cost)
Applications open in May 3
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