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[NEWS] Professor Seo Kyung-hyun selected for National Research Foundation’s “Mid-Career Researcher Program”

supr 2021-07-27 103

Supported Study Focused on “Development of a Smoking Cessation Program Specific to Female Smokers”


Professor Suh Kyung-hyun from SU Department of Counseling Psychology has been selected for a new project assignment from the National Research Foundation’s “2021 Mid-Career Researcher Program.”

The aim of this program is to support mid-career researchers to enhance their scholarly competencies as excellent researchers, as well as to secure research diversity and promote creative research, ultimately facilitating well-balanced academic development.

Professor Seo will receive two years of support for conducting a study on the topic “Development of a Smoking Cessation Program Specific to Female Smokers and Validation of its Effectiveness.”

Professor Seo has been selected for the same program multiple times and received a total of more than 200 million won in previous years. His earlier studies include, “The Roles of Self-disclosure and Positive Social Comparison in Stresses and Mental Health/Suicidal Ideation in the Elderly” in 2012, ”Development of Well-being Promotion Programs for Single-household Elderly Women and Validation of its Effectiveness” in 2013, “Conceptualization and Scale Development of the Dysfunctional Religiosity for Well-being” in 2016, and ”Health Psychological Exploration of Internal Psychological Variables to Predict Health Behavior Practice and Prescription Compliance” in 2018.

Professor Seo is a health psychologist whose research focuses on stress, well-being, and addiction. He has served as the Dean for SU Research Affairs, President of the SU University-Industry Foundation, and the President of the Korean Addiction counseling Association. Seo currently serves as the Operation Director of Changdong Center for Internet Addiction Prevention, Vice-president of the Korean Society of Stress Medicine, the Korean Psychological Association of Culture and Social Issues, and the Korean Society of Alcohol Science and Health Behavior.

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