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[NEWS] International Virtual Conference 'ICSU 2021' to be held

supr 2021-08-30 196

The International Academic Conference, “ICSU 2021,” to be held at Sahmyook University to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the establishment of the school


In commemoration of the 115th anniversary of its establishment, Sahmyook University will be organizing The International Virtual Conference of Sahmyook University, “ICSU 2021,” with SDA universities around the world for academic exchange. The international academic conference will be held for two days, November 17-18th, and will be operated as a virtual conference in the consideration of the global spread of COVID-19. With the overall theme of “Sharing Mission, Vision & Passion with the World,” there will be 12 sessions in 5 divisions including Religion & Theology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Healthcare, Science & Technology, and Culture & Arts. About there 60 experts from 15 countries will be invited as speakers to present and hold Q&A sessions.

The official opening of the event will be held on November 17th at 7 pm. It is to be organized at Hong Myung-gi Hall located in John Building due to the hybrid method (combination of virtual and face-to-face) for the conference. The General Conference, Branches, The Korean Federation, officials from SDA universities around the world, and participants from the academic conference will share congratulatory speeches and cultural performances.

The President of Sahmyook University, Kim Il-mok, has expressed that “Beyond the limitations of time and space, through this international conference, professors, researchers, and students from SDA universities from around the world will be able to present research results, discuss various interests, and exchange ideas and information. We look forward to promoting and developing mutual friendship through international exchanges between individuals and organizations participating in the “ICSU 20201.”

Registration to attend “ICSU 2021” will close on October 31st. Early registration will be until September 31st. For more information, pleases refer to the ISCU 2021 website ICSU 2021, email, or call (☏ +82-2-3399-3015).

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