Division of English Studies


The Division of English Studies—the first to implement an innovative, groundbreaking all-day English learning program in South Korea—is internationally recognized for its twenty-first-century language programs while maintaining its rich history and tradition
Sahmyook University’s Department of English Language & Literature has been accredited by the Ministry of Education in December 1967, and has maintained its 50-year history and tradition to this day. To achieve Sahmyook University’s goal of cultivating professional intellectuals with faith and upright chracter, the department offers various courses in English, English and American literature, and practical English. The department also meets the practical needs of the church and community with an emphasis on in-depth academic exploration and research, as well as on cultivating practical English language skills. The department is fostering global leaders in the 21st century through education that promotes understanding of English and American literature and practical English skills. Major subjects include Introduction to English Literature, Introduction to English Studies, Intermediate and Advanced English Listening and Conversation, Practical Reading and Writing, English Phonetics, 20th Century English Poetry, Shakespeare, English and American Drama Theory and Performance, and English Novel.

Educational Goal


    T Based on Christian character education, the department provides education to cultivate professionals required by future society.


    By maximizing English communication skills, we cultivate individuals essential to the church and society. Furthermore, we provide education that meets the needs of the global village.


    We provide holistic education in order for students to actively participate in serving others and find meaning and value in what they do.

Who we are looking for

We cultivate honest and sincere individuals who have a strong foundation on faith and morality. Also, through teaching English fluency and proficiency, we enhance international insight and communication in students. Ultimately, we empower students to contribute to the betterment of S. Korea and the world.


Graduates of the department, with English fluency and knowledge of English and American Literature, are working in various positions including: secondary school English teachers, interpreters, translators, public officials, overseas missionaries, employees of Adventist institutions, employees of academic and educational circles, domestic and foreign trade companies, airlines, general companies, finance and academies, etc. The department also offers a teaching certificate course for which if selected the student is eligible to receive the Level 2 Teaching Certificate.


TOEIC, TOEIC SPEAKING, TOEIC WRITING, TOEFL, OPIC, TEPS, Korean Translator Certificate, Interpretation and Translator Certificate, Trade English Certificate, and more.

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Credits for Graduation
General required Core required Core Electives Prerequisites Subtotal
39 Single Major 16 42 18 76 130
Double Major 25 42 18 85

Core Courses

The curriculum provides a well-balanced and sound coursework in English language and English literature studies. Also, by maximizing English proficiency in the curriculum, the department meets the need for language communication skills of today.
Footnote) It is recommended for single majors to take the ☆(prerequisite) course.
Footnote)Teacher education courses are open for enrollment starting from the second semester of second year after teacher selection (applies to minoring students as well).

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