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[NEWS] Division of Aviation Tourism & Foreign Language Signs MOU with T’way Air as its Industry-University Cooperation Family Corporation

supr 2021-07-08 114

Students Receive Hands-on Cabin Crew Training at the Airline’s Training Center


On May 25, the SU Division of Aviation Tourism & Foreign Language signed an MOU with T’way Air as a family company for industry-university cooperation at its headquarter office in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

Under the agreement, the two parties discussed plans to co-organize and co-operate on industry-university linked curricula and establish a mutual and organic cooperative system in the areas of research, education, and technology development.

Division Dean Bong Won-young said, “We expect to be able to develop field-oriented and tailor-made professionals through systematic on-site practical training.”

In fact, on the very day of signing the agreement, freshmen in the SU Division of Aviation Tourism and Foreign Language visited T’way Air’s training center to participate in Crew Class, a cabin crew experiential program.

The participants enjoyed the opportunity of enhancing their job competency in the field of their major, including training in emergency evacuation, fire suppression, first aid, and in-flight service in a mock B737-800 aircraft.

One of the participants, Oh Ju-hyun, said, “The on-site, hands-on training session greatly widened the scope of my understanding of the knowledge and skills of my major that I learned in school.” She continued, “It was a time of re-confirming my motivation to pursue my career as a flight attendant.”

SU Division of Aviation Tourism and Foreign Language is the first aerial service-related department established in universities in the Seoul area, as of 2021. The systematic and tailor-made education and training course meeting demands of the industry offers a dual degree: Bachelor of Eastern Literature (Japanese/Chinese and history of literature) and Bachelor of Tourism Management (Aviation Tourism).

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