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[NEWS] Developing mobile serious games for 'Recovered Pediatric Cancer Patients'

supr 2021-08-30 56

Developing mobile serious games for “Recovered Pediatric Cancer Patients”


Sahmyook University and the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation signed a joint research infrastructure MOU to develop mobile serious games for cancer-cured children and adolescents.

According to the Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare, about 1,500 to 1,800 cases of cancer in children under the age of 18 are diagnosed every year. Among them, the 5-year survival rate (cure rate) is over 80%, and most patients overcome the treatment process well and become “pediatric cancer survivors.” However, those who have been completely cured of the disease during the period of physical and mental development are more psychologically traumatized than adult cancer patients during the treatment and recovery process. Even after complete recovery, they experience difficulties in various physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects.

Professor Kang Jyung-ah, Sahmyook University’s College of Nursing, was chosen for the 2020 National Research Foundation of Korea’s Researcher Support Project and is working on the “Development of Healthy Lifestyle Sharing Program and Platform-based on the Mobile Serious Game for Adolescent Cancer Survivors.” The game developed by the Sahmyook research team is a mobile serious game that promotes healthy lifestyles of completely cured pediatrics and adolescents. The research team expects that this game will not only enhance the user’s self-efficacy and self-identity but also induce overall health.

With the first section of the research, Sahmyook University’s research team analyzed the various needs and health promotion behaviors of pediatric cancer survivors and plans to accelerate the game development by jointly conducting research, consultation, effect evaluation, shared data, and infrastructure with the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


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