Sports Science

Key information

Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Sports medicine Master of Science 4 2 years
Sports Arts Convergence

General requirements

Degree requirenments M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

Educational Purpose

The department is for studying and practicing physical education scientifically in oder to accomplish whole-person human education with balanced harmony according to educational principles of Sahmyook. Based on Seventh-day Adventist Church, the department also aims at raising the experts for managing comprehensive health life and physical ability with both theoretical abilities in basic and clinical sports medicine and performative arts. To achieve this goal, this department is the trend of the 21st century, and is conducting a curriculum to foster future-oriented sports medicine and sports arts convergence professional leaders.

  • Practicing professional academic theories – Raising professional intellectuals with competitive capacity in international level
  • Raising creative research abilities – Practicing creative and critical research abilities to solve problems independently for producing creative skills
  • Rearing whole-person leadership capabilities – Based on the Sahmyook with Seventh-day Adventist Church spirit, enhancing capabilities as whole-person educator and leader with practical knowledge, reasonable thinking, and sound personality

Fees & Scholarships

Master course
Number of semester 4
Duration 2 years
Consentrations *Entrance fee Master course
Tuition per semester Sports medicine 835,000 KRW 6,040,000 KRW
Sports Arts Convergence
**International Student Scholarship applied Sports medicine 835,000 KRW 3,020,000 KRW
Sports Arts Convergence
  • *Entrance fee is paid only for the first semester.
  • *The International Student Scholarship is applied to all international students in the first semester, and from the second semester, the scholarship is applied differently according to the GPA of the previous semester.
    (Check the table below)
GPA standard Scholarship
Above or equal to 4.0 50% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.5 40% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.0 20% of the tuition

Our Experts


  • Available for getting jobs in health care sector such as health exercise management, exercise prescription, professional trainer, and researcher in sport science institutes, with abilities in sports medicine
  • Available for getting jobs in various sectors in society including coaches and educators(schools, professional organizations, communities, and private institutes), performances and arts(occupational organizations and research organizations), performative art theories and practice coaches(choreography and practice), etc.
  • Available for working in international scenes through overseas cultural exchanges.


Subjects Master
Common Required Subject 6
Required Subjects 21
Elective Subjects 3
Thesis/Dissertation P
Total 30

Required Subjects

Subjects Credits
Studies in Exercise Physiology 3
Studies in Exercise Physiology 3
Studies of Training Method Theory 3
Studies of Exercise Biomechanics 3
Studies of Sports Psychology 3
Studies of Adapted Physical Education 3
Studies in Physical Movement Teaching and Motion Therapy 3
Research Methodology 3
Studies of Sports Marketing 3
Statistics for Sports Medicine Data 3
Medical training therapy 3
Thesis Research for M.S. in Sports Science 3

Sports medicine Elective Subjects

Subjects Credits
Sports Physiology and Medicine 3
Clinical Sports Medicine 3
Studies of Clinical Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
Fitness Testing and Prescription 3
Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation 3
Clinical Pathology 3
Clinical Sports Nutrition 3
Clinical Sports Pharmacology 3
Sports Genetics 3
Studies of Personal Training 3
Studies for Somatotype Diagnosis and Correction 3

Sports Arts Convergence Elective Subjects

Subjects Credits
Studies of Performing Arts Education 3
Studies in Choregraphic and Directing Theory 3
Culture art Content Methodology Research 3
Understanding of Improvisatory Teaching Method 3
The Musical Introduction to Research 3
Studies in Performing Arts Criticism 3
Performing Arts Management and Studies in Teaching Materials 3
Cultural Art Communication & Counseling Studies 3
Cultural Event Planning & Management Research 3
Major Seminar and Work Demonstration Ⅰ, Ⅱ 3
Performing Music to research 3
GX Program Development I 3
GX Program Development II 3
Applications open in October 25, 2021
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