Social Welfare

Key information

Course information

Number of semester Duration
Master 4 2 years
Master & Ph.D. combined course 8 4 years
Ph.D. course 6 6 years

General requirements

Degree requirenments M.A. Bachelor’s dgree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirenments TOPIK level 4

With the aim of developing phyicially, intellectually and spiritually-balanced professional social workers on the foundation of Sahmyook University’‘s educational philosophy:

  • we educate students to become researchers and professional social welfare practitioners who spread love and truth to the world.
  • we educate students through specialized academic curriculum to become competitive professional social welfare practitioners as demanded by the society.
  • we endeavor to improve human welfare and quality of life by devising a plan of action based on the study of social welfare and social science way of thinking as required by the contemporary world.

Fees & Scholarships

Master course Master & Ph.D. combined course Ph.D. course
Number of semester 4 8 6
Duration 2 years 4 years 3 years
*Entrance fee Master course Master & Ph.D. combined course Ph.d
Tuition per semester 835,000 KRW 4,290,000 KRW 1~3 semester: 4,290,000KRW
4~8 semester: 4,410,000KRW
**International Student Scholarship applied 835,000 KRW 2,145,000 KRW 1~3 semester: 2,145,000 KRW
4~8 semester: 2,205,000KRW
  • *Entrance fee is paid only for the first semester.
  • *The International Student Scholarship is applied to all international students in the first semester, and from the second semester, the scholarship is applied differently according to the GPA of the previous semester.
    (Check the table below)
GPA standard Scholarship
Above or equal to 4.0 50% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.5 40% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.0 20% of the tuition

Our Experts

Research Centers and Laboratories

Glocal Social Contribution Laboratory
  • Research field
    • Symposium and seminar
    • Joint research and joint project
    • Data collection and publication of periodicals and research literature
    • Glocal global citizenship education and human rights education
    • Glocal social service, and programs in affiliation with other institutions
    • Projects for other goals
  • Professor
    Cho, Mi-sook (E-mail :
Center For The Promotion Of Autonomy Of People With Disabilities And The Elderly
  • Research field
    • Comprehensive research for the autonomy of people with disabilities
    • International joint research on the care of people with disabilities and the elderly
    • International seminar and center’s publication of academic journal periodicals in an effort to introduce national and international policies and to conduct joint interdisciplinary research
  • Professor
    Jeong, jong-hwa (E-mail :
Intellectual Disability Research Center
  • Research field
    • Research and investigation (participatory research with people with disabilities, field-based social workers and local community)
    • Education and training (social workers, people with disabilities, local community, etc.)
    • Financial assistance (voucher scheme, social enterprise, employment assistance)
  • Professor
    Yoon, jae-young (E-mail :


Social welfare center, Social welfare official, Public social welfare institution, Mental health social worker, Medical social worker, School social worker, NGO, Social contribution team of a corporation, and etc.


Subjects Master Ph.D. Combined
Common Required Subject 3 3
Subjects 21 36 53
Thesis/Dissertation P 4 4
Total 24 40 60


Subjects Credits
Introduction to Social Welfare 3
Analysis of Social Welfare Policy 3
Social Welfare Field Instruction 3
Analysis of Human Behaviors 3
Analysis of Community Social Welfare 3
Advanced Practice for Clinical Psychology 3
School Social Work 3
Family Therapy & practice 3
Community Mental Health 3
Social Work Practice with Youth 3
Qualitative Research Methodology 3
Correctional Social Work 3
Comparative Social Work Practice with Elderly 3
Women & Social Welfare 3
Social Work Practice with Disabled 3
Case Management Practice and Theories 3
Comparative Analysis in Social Welfare 3
Social Service for the Elderly 3
Christian Social Welfare 3
Social Work in Health Care 3
Social Welfare Administration 3
Social Work Value & Ethic 3
Comparative Analysis of Child Welfare 3
Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse 3
Abstraction of Social Welfare 3
Supervision 3
Service Evaluation Theories & Practices 3
Family violence & Social welfare 3
Program Development & Evaluation 3
Social Security Analysis 3
Comparative Analysis of Social Welfare with Families 3
Crisis Intervention Theory 3
International Development Cooperation & Advocacy for Human Right 3
Participatory Action Research 3
Research Seminar Ⅰ 3
Research Seminar Ⅱ 3
Research Seminar Ⅲ 3
Research Seminar Ⅳ 3
Welfare Technologies Seminar 3
Advanced Statistic Analysis 3
The Coaching for Social Welfare 3
Disability Studies 3
Management of social welfare facilities 3
Practice for Global Relief Welfare Development 3
Addicted Family Therapy 3
Social Welfare Research Method Ⅰ 3
Social Welfare Research Method Ⅱ 3
Study of Social Welfare Education Methodology 3
Disability and Rehabilitation Seminar 3
Disability and Elderly barrier-free house Seminar 3
Human Rights & Welfare Seminar 3
Case Management Practice Seminar 3
Seminar in Welfare State 3
Advanced Social Research Data Analysis (Panel data analysis) 3
Case Study of Qualitative Research Methods 3
Seminar in Advanced Social Welfare Practice 3
Advanced Statistic 3
Analysis of Multicultural Welfare 3
Studies of Education for Global Citizens 3
Analysis of Skills & Techniques for Social Welfare 3
International Society & Nongovernmental organization 3
Thesis for Master of Social Welfare 3
Thesis for Doctor of Social Welfare 3
Applications open in October 25, 2021
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