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Health and human performance studies utilizes communication theory, health counseling theory, health education theory, medical management theory, etc. for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life of individuals, groups, local communities, and the world. It is the study of planing, conducting and evaluating health programs. The government enacted the National Health Promotion Act in 1995 according to the necessity of proactive health management as a preventive measure, and established a health promotion fund in 1997 to conduct health promotion projects. Since 2010, health educators have been legislated with national qualifications so that health promotion programs such as smoking cessation, low alcohol consumption, nutrition and exercise can be planned and carried out.
Health and Human Performance at Sahmyook University was newly established in the Department of Social Welfare as a major in health information science in 2006. In 2008, the name was changed to Health and Human Performance. Since 2011, the program is recruiting students independently. Students acquire the latest health management knowledge and computer skills to collect, organize, and analyze data. The department aims to cultivate professionals with the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs. The programs produces health professionals who contribute to the community as health educators (national license), health information managers (national license), researchers, and public health officials in public health centers, health institutions, medical institutions, international organizations and industries.

Educational Purpose

The Department of Health and Human Performance aims to cultivate professionals who contribute to the promotion of human health through correct understanding, research, and practice of health science based on character building education grounded on the philosophy of Sahmyook University.

Who we are looking for

  • Students who have a positive, healthy sociability and professional competence
  • Students with systematic expertise and creativity
  • Students with a can-do-spirit that contributes to human health and environmental improvement
  • Students with expertise in healthcare information management

Educational Goal

By 2033, the Department of Health and Human Performance will become a world leader in its field by focusing on education and research in the field of health management and lifestyle. The Department of Health Management will become the center of the world in the field of health promotion studies by focusing education and research in the field of health management and lifestyle by 2030. By improving the reputation of Sahmyook University, we aim to cultivate global leaders with mission, vision and passion. In addition, as the importance of the value and management of health and medical information increases due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, we aim to cultivate experts in health and medical information management suitable to the needs of the times. We aim to cultivate exerts that contribute to the promotion of human health. The specific educational goals are as follows.

  • Nurture health counseling and education experts
  • Nurture health planning and medical management experts
  • Nurturing medical information communication experts
  • Nurture health care information management experts


Field of employment: health promotion and health education, addiction specialty
Research Institutions: Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Cancer Center, etc.
Public institutions: National Health Insurance Corporation, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, Korea Health Promotion Development Institute, Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, Public Health Center, Regional Health Promotion Center, Public Health Service
International organizations: WHO, UNICEF, international NGO organizations, etc.
Private organizations: Korea Health Management Association, Korea Health Association, Population Health and Welfare Association, Korea Occupational Health Association, Korea Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Korean Association for AIDS Prevention
Hospital administration: medical records, hospital affairs, hospital administration, health information, insurance review, etc.
Others: Various industries, health care companies, smoking cessation support centers, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), etc.


Health educator, health exercise manager, hygienist, insurance review and evaluator, CHES (US health educator), CEP (US clinical exercise expert), addiction counselor, addiction rehabilitation expert, health care information manager, hospital administrator, smoking cessation instructor

Our Experts

Completion criteria for qualification

Completion criteria for public health official qualification (Health Career Competitive Employment Test)

Public Officials in Public Health Administration
Tests for Public Official Health Official (class 7) English/Public Health (Introduction to Health Science)/Health Administration/Health and Medical Related Laws/Administrative Law (5 subjects)
Health Official (class 9) English/Public Health/Health Care Related Laws/Introduction to Administrative Law (4 courses)
Required Courses Class 7 & 9 Public Health (Introduction to Health Sciences), Health Administration, Health and Medical Law, Medical Insurance Theory, Health Statistics (Health and Medical Statistics), Pathology, Medical Terminology, Anatomy Physiology, Medical Information Management (must complete at least 5 courses from above)
  • Additional points:5% added for health education teachers class 1, class 7, class 9, Health educator class 2, hygienist 3% added to health officials class 7, 5% added to class 9, Health educator class 3 receives 5% when taking class 9

Health Education Curriculum

Health Education National Examination Courses
Required Courses Health Education, *Health Science (Introduction to Health Science), Health Program Development and Evaluation, Health Education Methodology, Research Methodology, Health Project Management, Health Communication, Health Medical Law, Health Education Practice
Electives * Anatomical Physiology, Health Statistics (Health and Medical Statistics), * Health Information (Medical Information Management), Human Development Theory, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, *Safety Education (Health Education and Safety Management), Reproductive Health, *Health and Exercise (Exercise Prescription) And methodology), health nutrition, child health, elderly health (elderly health management theory), school health, occupational health, rehabilitation health (motor injury and rehabilitation theory), oral health, social psychology, health ethics, food hygiene, mental health, local Social health (health sociology), disease management
  • Courses marked with * is recognized as equal to courses in ( ).
  • For health educator class 2, you must complete 8 courses excluding health education practice among mandatory subjects, and 4 or more of optional subjects.
  • To qualify for the Health Educator Class 3 exam, you must complete at least 5 of the required courses and 2 or more of the optional courses.
General Education
Core Courses Electives Credits for Graduation
39 Single Major 75 16 130
Double Major 36

Courses in the field of health care information manager

Required courses for health care information manager
Required Health and medical information management, health care information management practice, health care organization management, health information protection, disease and medical behavior classification, medical record information analysis and practice, medical record information quality improvement practice, cancer registration, medical quality management, health insurance Theory and Practice, Health and Medical Statistics, Health Medical Data Management, Medical Information Technology, Medical Related Laws (Health Medical Laws), Medical Terminology, Pathology, Anatomy Physiology, Health and Medical Information Management Field Practice
Electives Health and Medical Informatics and Service management *Health care big data analysis (big data machine learning practice (comprehensive design), research methodology
Health care management area Introduction to Health Science, Health Education, Health Business Management, *Hospital Accounting (Hospital Financial Accounting), Health Administration, Epidemiology, Geriatric Health, International Health, Health Sociology
  • Courses marked with * is recognized as equal to courses in ( ).
  • To apply for the Health Care Information Manager exam, 40 credits (all 18 core courses) and at least 10 credits

Hygienist Courses

Exam courses Hygiene related laws, environmental hygiene, hygiene entomology, public health, food hygiene, practical examination
Qualification Students who have completed one or more of Introduction to Health Science, Environmental Health Science, and Health and Nutrition
Upon completion of related courses, students can take the national exam from the third year.

International Medical Tourism Coordinator

Eligibility: College graduates or prospective graduates of a department designated by the Minister of Employment and Labor as a department in the field of health care or tourism
Criteria for official language test scores: ① English-TOEIC 700 or higher, TEPS 625 or higher, etc. ② Japanese-JPT 650 or higher
Qualification: national technical certificate
Test areas:

  • Written exam: Health and medical tourism administration, health care service support management, health care tourism marketing, tourism service support management, Understanding medical terms and diseases
  • Practical exam: Health and medical tourism practice

Credits for Graduation

Credits / Categories General Education Core Courses Double Major Interdisciplinary Minor Total credits
Specialized 39 75 130
Double Major 39 39 36 130
Interdisciplinary 39 39 36 130
Minor 39 54 21 130

Graduation requirements

English official test scores: TOEIC 700 or higher, TEPS 625 or higher, etc.

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