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Physical therapy, a specialized field of medicine, is the use of exercise therapy or physical factors (water, light, electricity, heat, etc.) for those who have temporary or permanent disabilities due to diseases, accidents, or congenital diseases. Its purpose is to evaluate, treat, and educates to minimize temporary or permanent disabilities.
Demand for physical therapists will increase due to the current government’s welfare-oriented policies, an increase in chronic diseases such as cancer and hypertension, an increase in the elderly population due rising life expectancy, an increase in industrial and traffic accidents, and an increase in sports leisure related accidents. As such, the expansion and advancement of physical therapy, an essential study in the field of medical rehabilitation, is inevitable.
Accordingly, based on scientific problem-solving and evidence-based education, the department is undertaking research in rehabilitation and health, specifically treatments and methods to restore physical functions, promote health, and facilitate rehabilitation through physical elements (heat, water, photoelectricity, and ultrasound) and force (therapeutic exercise and posture correction, etc.) for various physical disorders caused by diseases and accidents of today.
The Department of Physical Therapy at Sahmyook University is recognized internationally for excellence in teaching. We have produced countless physical therapists and university professors recognized not only in Korea but also abroad. The department also provides a life long journey of learning through their graduate school program which includes a doctoral study. Through the learning process, we will cultivate Christlike physical therapists who play a pivotal role in the 21C health care field and serve humanity.

Educational Goal


    Nurture professionals based on Christian values


    Cultivate theoretical investigation and research competency
    Acquire health and disease management skills


    Produce internationally recognized expert physical therapists

Who we are looking for

  • Nurture professionals based on Christian values

    Train physical therapists who hold sacred life with love for God and people
    Foster volunteers of truth and love through volunteer work at home and abroad

  • Cultivate theoretical investigation and research competency

    Cultivate the ability to explore various physical therapy theories related to health and well-being
    Cultivating creative and critical thinking skills and independent research skills

  • Acquire health and disease management skills

    Cultivate creative physical therapists with both theory and practical skills
    Establish excellence in holistic therapy based on physical therapy skills

  • Produce internationally recognized expert physical therapists

    Train professional physical therapists in line with globalization
    Train physical therapists with practical English competency and language certification

guide to Management

The Department of Physical Therapy operates in accordance with the following guidelines to cultivate practical physical therapists who can efficiently achieve educational goals and demonstrate expertise in the clinical field.

  • 1. Graduation requirements
    • Graduation requirements are 135 credits or more, including 39 general education credits, 75 core credits, and 21 general elective (core elective) credits.
    • Mandatory core courses must be completed and must meet the minimum standards for national examination of physical therapists. However, eligibility for graduation may be determined by a faculty meeting if the criteria is not met.
    • In order to complete the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Ⅴ and Neuro Physiotherapy Ⅳ  (core courses), one must complete the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Ⅰ~Ⅳ and Neurophysical Therapy Ⅰ~Ⅲ, respectively.
  • 2. How to complete core coursework
    • Since the curriculum of the Department of Physical Therapy was created with the aim of cultivating professional physical therapists, taking designated courses sequentially for year is required. However, for special circumstances such as returning students and transfer students, exceptions may be made by a faculty meeting.
  • 3. Transfer students
    • Graduation requirements for general transfer and undergraduate transfer students are 68 credits or more, including 4 credits of character education and 51 credits of core (required/elective) courses. However, core courses must be completed to meet the minimum standards for national physical therapist examination.
    • Graduation requirements for transfer students in the medical professional training course are a total of 34 credits or more, including 2 credits in character education and 21 credits in core (including general electives) courses. However, in order to avoid retaking courses completed at a previous university, required courses may be determined by a faculty meeting of the department.


Upon graduation and passing the national examination and obtaining a license from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, students may find work in the following places: medical institutions (general hospitals, hospitals, oriental medicine hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, clinics, nursing hospitals, etc.) and sports-related institutions (sports club medical office, exercise prescription office, sports Research institutes, etc.), medical offices of a company, rehabilitation-related research institutes, rehabilitation-related government agencies, rehabilitation centers, welfare centers for the disabled, and public health centers. In addition, overseas employment is possible by obtaining licenses for physical therapists from around the world (such as the United States).


Physical therapist license (Minister of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs)

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Required Credits for Graduation
General/General Electives Major
(Core, Electives)
General Electives
(Including Marjor Electives)
39 Single Major 75 21 135 credits or more
4(Character Education) 3-1 Transfer 51 13 68 credits or more
2(Character Education) 4-1 Transfer 21 11 34 credits or more
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