Key information

Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Piano Master of Music 4 2 years
Piano Accompaniment
Church Piano Accompaniment

General requirements

Degree requirenments M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

Educational Purpose

The purpose is to contribute to the development of music experts and the development of human society, which are creative Christians, by cultivating the leadership character based on the educational ideology and Christian spirit of the Republic of Korea and exploring practical skills and theories about music..

  • Christ’s Personality Degree: Based on love for God and people and professional ethics and morality, we cultivate a leadership character that respects human life and dignity.
  • Theoretical exploration and cultivation of research ability: Explore music through practical skill and theory and have new creative and analytical thinking power and independent research ability.

Fees & Scholarships

  Master course
Number of semester 4
Duration 2 years
  *Entrance fee Master course
Tuition per semester 835,000 KRW 6,040,000 KRW
**International Student Scholarship applied 5,340,000 KRW 3,020,000 KRW
  • *Entrance fee is paid only for the first semester.
  • *The International Student Scholarship is applied to all international students in the first semester, and from the second semester, the scholarship is applied differently according to the GPA of the previous semester.
    (Check the table below)
GPA standard Scholarship
Above or equal to 4.0 50% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.5 40% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.0 20% of the tuition

Our Experts


Professional performers, symphony pianists, professional choir accompanists and professional accompanists, art managers, music producers, studio recording experts music magazine reporters, music newspaper reporters, music teachers, music therapists, music academy directors and choir members, opera directors and coaches.


Subjects Master
Common Required Subject 3
Required Subjects 10
Elective Subjects 16
Thesis/Dissertation P
Total 29

Required Subjects

Subjects Credits
History of Western Music Ⅰ 2
Private Lesson I 2
Private Lesson II 2
Private Lesson III 2
Private Lesson Ⅳ 2
Graduation Concert P
Thesis for Master of Music P

Elective Subjects

Subjects Credits
History of Western Music II 2
Seminar for Each Major I 2
Seminar for Each Major II 2
Literature of Each Major I 2
Literature of Each Major II 2
Literature of Each Major IIII 2
Literature of Each Major Ⅳ 2
Pedagogy of Each Major I 2
Pedagogy of Each Major II 2
Methods of Research 2
Worship and Church Music 2
Aesthetics of Music 2
Thesis Writing 2
Instrumental and Piano I 2
nstrumental and Piano II 2
Research Technique of Diction 2
Opera Workshop 2
Chamber Music I 2
Chamber Music II 2
Chamber Music III 2
Chamber Music IV 2
Instrumentation 2
Orchestration 2
Applications open in October 25, 2021
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