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Business management environment is rapidly changing in line with fast-paced development of computer and information communications technologies. These developments and changes not only give rise to new industries but also have become an important element in determining core competitive strategies. Management Information System is a tool that enables an organization to carry out its strategies and achieve its goals. As Management Information System grows in importance, demand for IS professionals is also on the rise. As such, Management Information studies fills the need for the increased demand. Management Information studies cultivates professionals who understand the importance of management information in the age of information, globalization, and cyber technologies. These professionals—as managers and business persons—are able to leverage knowledge of management information in the real world of business management. Management Information studies also produces professionals in the field of information communication. These professionals, as the demand for their skills grows from governmental organizations to multinational companies, may find work in an ever-growing pool of industries around the world. In particular, the Department of Management Information Studies focuses on the broad understanding and application of diverse disciplines such as business administration, information technology, computer science and system science. The department also specializes in team projects, domestic and overseas training, global business, and academy management. The aim is to cultivate talented professionals with specialized skills.

Educational Goal

The goal is to cultivate professionals needed in all industries through creative convergence of management and IT.

  • expert coordinators able to integrate/coordinate management and IT with humanities and technical knowledge, Second, data experts able to lead creative changes based on big data,
  • qualified professionals able to create IT solutions according to the demands of the market based on communication with customers,
  • generalists of business management with the ability to perform efficient management tasks with an proactive attitude

Based on these goals, we aim to cultivate convergence experts capable of combining management knowledge and information technology.

Who we are looking for

  • Business-IT coordinator with humanistic and technical knowledge
  • Data experts driving creative change in the data foundation
  • IT solution professionals with communication skills and creativity
  • Management Generalist with a proactive attitude, core knowledge, and skills

Guide to Management

  • Strengthen character education
  • Advanced information technology education
  • Cultivation of practical management skills
  • Strengthening of internationalization capabilities
  • Strengthen specialized curriculum

Guide to Management

  • Strengthen character education
  • Advanced information technology education
  • Cultivation of practical management skills
  • Strengthening of internationalization capabilities
  • Strengthen specialized curriculum

Graduation Requirements

According to the department’s bylaws, the following conditions must be satisfied for graduation.

  • Completion of Management Information Theory
  • Completion of Accounting Principles
  • Completion of Marketing Principles
  • Completion of Database Design
  • Completion of System Analysis and Design
  • Graduation Thesis
  • TOEIC score 700 points (other language qualification scores are based on TOEIC 700 points)


  • Management-IT coordinator with systematic expertise and rich field experience

    Information system operator such as consulting jobs that combine IT and business such as ERP, CRM, CSM MIS consultant, management information system developer, information security consultant Network and computer system administrator, web server administrator, computer system operator

  • Big data experts with strategic thinking and data analysis capabilities

    Data Analyst, Data Processing Engineer, Data Visualization Specialist Database developer, database programmer, database operator, database expert, data architecture expert

  • IT solution experts with communication skills and creativity

    Network engineer, network system developer, network system analyst Application software developer, protocol developer, information processing application programmer, embedded program developer, system software developer Web engineer, web and multimedia planner, webmaster, internet shopping mall construction expert

  • Management Generalist with a proactive attitude, core knowledge, and skills

    Marketing practitioner, advertising and public relations expert, product and advertising salesperson, product planning expert Production and quality control clerks, personnel and training clerks, personnel and labor experts General affairs clerk, accounting clerk, management support and administration related clerk


  • Management Generalist

    OPA (Certified Accountant), Patent Attorney, Customs Officer, Tax Accountant, Appraisal Officer, Asset Manager (AICPA), International Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Securities Analyst (CIA), US Financial Asset Manager (CFP), Assets Management Expert, Type 1 Investment Consultant, Type 2 Investment Consultant, ERP Information Manager, Futures Trading Consultant (AP), Financial Asset Management (FP), Computer Accounting

  • Management-IT coordinator, IT solution talent

    International Certified Information System Supervisor (CISA), SUN Certified Java, MS Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Oracle Certified Expert (OOP), SUN Certified Network Manager (SCNA), Information Processing Engineer, SAP Certified Consultant (SAPC), Programmer (SCJP) ), Cisoo Certified Network Expert (CCNA/OONP), Project Management Engineer (PMP), E-Commerce Manager, Software Operation Skills Assessment Test (SPCT), Internet Practicality Qualification Test (IPCT), Internet System Manager, Electronic Computing Organization Application Engineer, Internet Information Architect (Webmaster), Information System Supervisor, Information Management Technician, E-commerce Manager Level 1, E-Commerce Manager

  • Data Expert

    Data Architecture Expert (DAP) / Associate Expert (DAsP), SQL Expert, SQL Developer, Data Analysis Expert (ADP) / Associate Expert (ADsP)

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Credits for Graduation
Required/Electives Required Electives Subtotal
39 Single Major 75 75 130
Double Major 39 / 36 39 / 36
부전공 54 / 21 54 / 21
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