Department of Food & Nutrition


The Department of Food and Nutrition’s philosophy of education focuses on the health and development of the body, which is the foundation of intellectual, spiritual, and physical education, the educational philosophy of Sahmyook University. The department aims to train leaders in the field who can contribute to improving the nutrition and health of the nation by acquiring scientific knowledge about food and nutrition. Based on academic subjects such as chemistry and physiology, which are the basis of food and nutrition, students will learn about preventing diseases, basic nutrition, advanced nutrition, and clinical nutrition. Students not only study the manufacturing and processing of healthy foods, but also dietary lifestyles that promote health and prevent diseases.

Educational Goal


    Acquire knowledge and skills that go hand in hand with today’s diversified and specialized field of food and nutrition. Foster professional nutritionists with holistic understanding of the field of food and nutrition that meets the standards of SU-MVP.


    Foster creative managers of the food service industry with theoretical, practical, and communication competency capable of actively coping with the expansion of the dietary culture and the growth of the food service industry.


    Produce safety managers in the field of food and nutrition with professional qualifications who can quickly adapt to glocal trends.

Who we are looking for

  • “Pro Nutritionists” in the field of food and nutrition with scientific expertise, sincerity, honesty, and love
  • Creative “consultants” in the food service industry with ABC competency
    <*ABC = Academic (Theory) + Business (Practical) + Communication (Relational)>
  • Glocal food and nutrition “safety managers” with professional qualifications with theoretical and practical dietary knowledge


  • Education: university graduate school, elementary and secondary school nutritionist
  • Research institutes: Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Health Industry Promotion Agency, Korea Food Research Institute, Rural Development Administration, National Institute of Health, Medical School, etc.
  • Nutritionist: clinical nutritionist, health nutritionist, school and industrial food service management dietitian, senior citizen welfare center nutritionist, etc.
  • Food company: Food Research Institute, distribution manager, production and quality control, menu development, etc.
  • Administrative: policy projects of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and guidance on food hygiene
  • Go to graduate school
  • Press and information: food and nutrition reporter, counselor, diet programmer, etc.


Dietitian license, food engineer license, food industry engineer license, food hygienist license, cook license (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western, etc.), distribution manager license, etc.

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Required credits for graduation
General/General Electives Core Electives General Electives
39 Single Major 75 16 130
Double Major 36
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