Department of Environmental Horticulture Design


The Department of Environmental Design and Horticulture follows Sahmyook University’s educational philosophy of “Education that Changes People” and “A University that Changes the World.” Accordingly, our aim is to produce creative intellectuals and professionals who will contribute to the betterment of country and society. In line with the trends of 21st centry South Korea, in the area of horticultural studies, we are training high-tech urban agricultural experts and in the area of Environmental Design, we are cultivating field-ready creative environmental designers.

Educational Goal

Due to economic growth, low birthrate, aging population, improvement of living standards, and population growth in urban areas, the importance of environmental design and horticulture is on the rise. The impact of horticulture and environmental design on quality of life and emotion is also growing. As such, we are devoted to training creative intellectuals who can contribute to the development of the country and society through environmental design and horticulture in the 21st century. We are dedicated to fostering inter-disciplinary experts who are devoted to the nobles oblige spirit. It’s our mission to produce competent professionals in the field of environmental design and horticulture.

  • Cultivating creative intellectuals

    Cultivating creative intellectuals who can lead the field of environmental design and horticulture in the 21st century

  • Cultivating multi-disciplinary experts

    Training multi-disciplinary experts who can create cutting-edge smart urban agriculture, green garden landscaping and pleasant urban environment design

  • Producing professionals instilled with the Noblesse oblige spirit

    Fostering global professionals instilled with the spirit of noblesse oblige who love the environment and play a leading role in the betterment of country and society

Who we are looking for

  • Fostering global professionals instilled with the spirit of noblesse oblige who love the environment and play a leading role in the betterment of country and society
  • Leaders who can lead the cutting-edge smart horticultural industry with creative inquiry and love for plants
  • Eco-friendly environmental design experts who can preserve the natural environment and create a pleasant urban environment


  • Environmental Design Intensive Majors: Environmental design, public design, product design and other design related companies, display decoration designers, space designers, colorists, design-related public officials, etc.
  • Horticultural intensive majors: domestic/overseas seedling companies, high-tech agricultural facilities (plant factories), agricultural products distribution companies, food companies, agricultural materials companies, grass production companies, grass seeds and fertilizer companies, gardening related public officials, etc.
  • Landscape Intensive Majors: Landscape design office, landscape construction company, landscape facility installation company, landscape water production management company, garden tree and turf planting company, landscape design and construction field of large construction companies, landscaping-related public officials, etc.
  • Plant/Garden Integrated Majors: Horticultural arboretum, tree hospital, lawn equipment import and distribution company, golf course construction and management company, resort lawn and garden management, florist, flower decoration design, etc.
  • Public officials: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Rural Development Administration, National Academy of Horticultural Science, research and leadership positions at Agricultural Technology Institutes of each province, agricultural technology centers in Si/Gun/Gu, National Quarantine Office, etc.
  • Public companies: LH Korea Land and Housing Corporation (Korea Housing Corporation, Korea Land Corporation), SH Seoul Housing and Urban Corporation, Nonghyup, aT Center, Seoul Facility Management Corporation, etc.
  • With a teaching certificate: Agricultural Life Science High School teacher, educational content company, etc.
  • Other: graduate school, etc


  • Environmental design: colorist industrial engineer, colorist engineer Computer Graphics Operation Technician
  • Crop production: plant protection industry engineer, plant protection engineer, plant protection engineer
  • Seed: Seed Industry Engineer, Seed Engineer, Seed Engineer
  • Facility horticulture: facility horticultural industry engineer, facility gardening engineer,Facility gardening engineer
  • Organic farming: organic farming industry engineer, organic farming engineer
  • Distribution: Agricultural product distribution manager
  • Flower decoration: flower decoration technician, flower decoration engineer
  • Landscape: Landscape industry engineer, landscape engineer, landscape engineer
  • Ecological Restoration: Natural Ecology Restoration Engineer, Natural Ecology Restoration Engineer
  • Capacity: Forest commentator (forest education expert)
  • Teaching: High School Teacher Certification
  • Lawn management: green keeper, golf course manager

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education
Core Courses Electives Credits for Graduation
39 Single Major 75 16 130
Double Major 36
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