Counseling Psychology

Key information

Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Counseling Psychology M.A. 4 2 years
Military Counseling

General requirements

Degree requirements M.A. Bachelor’s degree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirements TOPIK level 4

Educational Purpose

The purpose of the Department of Counseling Psychology is to nurture experts who can make individuals and society healthier by solving their various psychological problems of humans that appear throughout life and further helping them to regain meaning and happiness in life, based on the Christian spirit that loves people. The goals of the Department of Counseling Psychology based on the educational purpose presented above are as follows.

  • Providing education programs necessary for those who want to work as experts in counseling psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, family ministry, and military counseling.
  • Providing students with opportunities to study psychological counseling academically and cultivate practical skills and cultivating their professional qualities that can be used for educational or healing purposes.

Fees & Scholarships

*Entrance fee Master course Ph.d
Tuition per semester 835,000 KRW 4,290,000 KRW 4,410,000 KRW
**International Student Scholarship applied 835,000 KRW 2,145,000 KRW 2,205,000KRW
  • *Entrance fee is paid only for the first semester.
  • *The International Student Scholarship is applied to all international students in the first semester, and from the second semester, the scholarship is applied differently according to the GPA of the previous semester.
    (Check the table below)
GPA standard Scholarship
Above or equal to 4.0 50% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.5 40% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.0 20% of the tuition

Our Experts

Research Centers and Laboratories

Institute of Well-being Health Psychology
  • Research field
    The center conducts research on topics of health psychology, well-being, and various psychological intervention & prevention programs.
  • Professor
    Suh, Kyung Hyun (E-mail :
Happy Education Research Center
  • Research field
    The center conducts research on topics of education, career counseling, family ministry, and various educational programs.
  • Professor
    Park, Wan Sung (E-mail :
Mind Growth Research Center
  • Research field
    The center conducts research on topics of counseling psychology, positive psychology, forgiveness, and various counseling programs.
  • Professor
    Chung, Sung-Jin (E-mail :


The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program prepares students to assess, guide and counsel individuals, couples, families and groups, from early childhood through adulthood and aging. Students graduating from this program function as
  • professional counselors in community agencies, such as child counseling centers, adolescent counseling centers, university counseling centers, family counseling centers, etc.
  • military counselors in various military settings
  • researchers in institutes for psychology or social science
  • consultants in agencies for mental health, career, learning, etc

The Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology program prepares students for the multi-faceted role of the professional psychologist, which allows them to work in a variety of settings including

  • academia (instructor, professor, reseacher)
  • professional counseling & supervision
  • military counseling & supervision
  • professional consultation


Subjects Master Ph.D.
Common Required Subject 3
Required Subjects 6 3
Elective Subjects 24 36
Thesis/Dissertation P P
Total 33 39

Required Subjects

Subjects Credits
Common Required Subject 3
Advanced Research Methodology 3
Counseling Practicum 3
Thesis for M.A. in Counseling Psychology P

Ph.D. Required Subjects

Subjects Credits
In-depth Study I 1
In-depth Study II 2
Dissertation for Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology P

Common Elective Subjects (M.A. & Ph.D.)

Subjects Credits
[Major: Counseling Psychology]
Advanced Theory & Practice of Counseling 3
Advanced Developmental Psychology 3
Advanced Abnormal Psychology 3
Advanced Health Psychology 3
Advanced Clinical Psychology 3
Advanced Psychological Testing 3
Advanced Statistics for Psychology 3
Advanced Addiction Counseling 3
Advanced Group Counseling 3
Advanced Family Counseling 3
Advanced Sexual Counseling 3
Advanced Career Counseling 3
Advanced School Counseling 3
Advanced Counseling for Children & Adolescents 3
Advanced Interview Skills for Counseling 3
Marriage & Couple Counseling 3
Religious Counseling 3
Object Relation Theory & Counseling 3
Seminar in Counseling Psychology 3
Advanced Family Ministry 3
Healing Counseling 3
Stress Management 3
Parent Effectiveness Training 3
Psychology of Coaching 3
Integrative Art Therapy 3
Substance Addiction 3
Behavior Addiction 3
[Major: Milltary Counseling]
Theory and Practice of Military Counseling 3
Psychological Assessment for Military Counseling 3
Psychopathology and Abnormal Psychology in Army Life 3
PTSD & Counseling 3
Military Family Counseling and Therapy 3
Practice of Military Group Counseling 3
Practice of Military Crisis Counseling 3
Military Career Counseling 3
Understanding of Military Culture 3
Seminar in Military Counseling 3
Military Life Guidence & Counseling 3
Theory & Practice of Military Administration for Counseling 3

Elective Subjects for Ph.D.

Subjects Credits
[Major: Counseling Psychology]
Seminar in History & Philosophy of Psychology 3
Advanced Personality Psychology 3
Advanced Social Psychology 3
Methodology of Qualitative Research 3
Advanced Experimental Design 3
Advanced Methodology of Evidence-Based Practice 3
Development of Psychological Assessment Tool 3
Advanced Counseling Case Study 3
Theory & Practice of Supervision 3
Theory & Practice of Administration for Counseling 3
Theory & Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy 3
Seminar in Positive Psychology 3
Advanced Psychopathology 3
Seminar in Multicultural Counseling 3
Issues in Counseling Psychology 3
Development of Counseling Program 3
Counseling Field Practicum & Supervision 3
Seminar in Counseling Ethics 3
[Major: Milltary Counseling]
Military Counseling for Veterans 3
Special Approach for Military Counseling 3
Issues in Military Counseling 3
Development of Education Program for Military Counseling 3
Applications open in October 25, 2021
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