Department of Chemistry & Life Science


The Department of Chemical Life Science was established to nurture leaders of the 21st century knowledge-based technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and environmental science technology, who will contribute to the development of future technologies. Nano, bio, and environmental science and technology are the core technologies that will lead the knowledge-based industry of the 21st century. These technologies are not only expected to be high-value-added, high-growth industries, but also of great importance to the industries based on chemistry and life sciences. Therefore, the department aims to cultivate leading professionals with upright character and future-oriented values. By providing learning in chemistry and life science that meets the needs of the times, the department aims to cultivate meticulous researchers in the field of new materials, cosmetics, environment and energy, bio medicine, and bio resources with high practical competency.

Educational Goal


    Cultivate chemistry and life scientists with upright character and a global mind-set.


    Global leaders with insight and language proficiency who can actively participate in the international arena.


    Cultivate creative chemistry and life scientists with expert knowledge and practical skills.

Who we are looking for

  • To cultivate competent chemistry and life science-related professionals who have Mission, Vision, and Passion, in accordance with the university’s educational philosophy.
  • To cultivating creative leaders with comprehensive knowledge and design ability who can lead nanobiotechnology.
  • To cultivate leading future scientists with self-directed learning skills, broad scientific knowledge, ethical mind-set, responsibility, and global competency.
  • Tp foster field-competent professionals with the ability to analyze and solve problems through acquisition of chemistry and life science knowledge.
  • To cultivate experts who can advance the national technological competitiveness and actively respond to globalization and the information age.
  • Continue academic studies in graduate school, work for national and public research institutes related to chemistry and life science
  • Work for chemical and life science related companies in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutical, food, environment, bio-venture, petrochemical, chemical engineering, polymer, new material development, cosmetics manufacturing, electronics, and semiconductor.


Chemical analysis engineer, atmospheric environment engineer, water disease engineer, soil environment engineer, waste disposal engineer, chemical engineer, chemical industry engineer, explosives manufacturing engineer, dangerous goods industry engineer, quality management engineer, quality control engineer, safety management factory management engineer, biology Classification engineer, natural environment management engineer, natural ecology restoration article, environmental engineer, biotechnology engineer.

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Credits for Graduation
Required/Electives Core required Core electives Core total
35 Single Major 75 135
Double Major 45
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