Department of Art and Design


The Department of Art and Design aims to become a global leader in contemporary art and design and ride the Korean wave towards an era of digital economy, artificial intelligence, SNS, and convergence technologies. In converging polar opposites of art and science, the program endeavors to meet the demand for creative art and design.
The department trains artists and designers with a futuristic global sensibility based on intelligence and theory, sublime sensitivity and creativity. All this is founded on the holistic education model of SU. To this end, the program boasts faculty from US, France, Japan, Australia, etc. with international experience and practical knowledge. Also, the program offers international arts and education exchanges, advanced educational facilities and equipment, academia-government-industry collaborative projects in strategies for employment/start-up/and employment, fusion and capstone design system, and permanent art and design exhibitions. More importantly, we are a welcoming department with enthusiasm and love for the students.

Educational Goal

To converge contemporary creativity with high-tech design.
Educational Goals

  • To promote a holistic character building education, high intellectual integrity, and, emotional sensitivity, and creativity
  • To fostering future-oriented global artists and designers
  • To provide international art and education exchange opportunities with US, France, and Japan
  • To provide academia-government-industry strategic projects for employment
  • To build fusion cap stone design system
  • To specialize in art wellness platforms for art and design for community and marginalized groups
  • To cultivate media convergence professionals for industrialization of advanced art and design
  • To implement healing art and design classroom to educate with love and happiness

Who we are looking for

  • Students with the potential of becoming an emotional designer who can create cultural value with humanism and service
  • Students with the potential to become leaders of the 4th industrial revolution as art-wellness, creative-fusion artists and designers who create new values
  • Students with the potential to become global designers with an innovative spirit


Art director, visual designer (3D, robot, video, floor advertising, game, computer graphic, identity, web, mobile web UX, UI, character, art culture product, newspaper, magazine editing, photo, package, illustrator, outdoors advertisement, POP, VMD, service, environment, space, etc.), advertising agency (CF director, graphic desginer, copywrite, AE, etc.), broadcasting (PD, CG, culture reporter), cartoonist, exhibition planner, curator, art museum curator and operation, art brand · trend planner, art critic, cultural project planning and operation, self publisher, arts education teacher, art psychotherapist, art teacher, show business, art appreciation and auction expert, merchandiser, stylist, artist, painter, craftsman, and graduate school advancement.


Web Design Technician, Computer Graphics Operation Technician, GTQ, Colorist Industry Technician, Multimedia Contents Production Specialist, Computer Utilization Ability, Visual Design Industry Technician, Game Graphic Specialist, Graphic Technology Qualification, Visual Design Firm, Visual Design Director, Design General Director Company, digital design company, digital design director, textile design company, textile design director, design general director, service experience design company, service experience design director, broadcasting production company, advertisement production company, animation production company, cartoon production company, character production company , Smart App Design Architect, Culture and Arts Management, Photography Consul, Photography-Retouching, Curator, Culture and Arts Educator, Art Therapist (Level 2), Child Art Educator, Level 1

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Credits for Graduation
Required/Electives Core Required Core Electives Subtotal
33 Single Major 15 60 75 135
Double Major 15 27 42
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