Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture operates a five-year education program for the international certification of architectural education in accordance with the regulations of the Universal Institute of Architects (U.I.A), and trains architects as creators of culture, as civil critics, and as natural and urban space architects.
The program follows the accreditation standards of the UIA. No more than 10 students per class may take architectural design practicum and theories from professors and prominent architects who have rich real-world experience. Students who meticulously follow the systematic curriculum come out as ready architects. Graduates can also work in various academic fields such as architectural engineering and various design fields.

Educational Goal


    To provide holistic education of character and culture.


    To produce creative intellectuals, versed in theoretical and practical architectural knowledge, who can proactively participate in the era of globalization.


    To cultivate architects who possess a strong spirit of service based on humanitarian values and world citizenship.

Who we are looking for

By providing an internationally recognized architecture program, the Department of Architecture aims to produce architects who possess deep theoretical and practical knowledge of architecture as well as people. The programs trains architects to become creators of culture, as social critics, and natural and urban space designers.


Architectural office, interior design, construction company, stage designer, engineer office, architectural computer graphic expert, architectural model expert, architectural digital image expert, estimate office, construction management expert, architect civil servant


Architect, architectural (industrial) engineer, construction safety (industrial) engineer, interior architecture (industrial) engineer, building equipment (industrial) engineer, building structure engineer, construction safety engineer, construction engineer

Our Experts

Credits for Graduation

General Education Core Courses Graduation requirement
General required Core required Core electives Total credits
39 Single Major 119 7 126 170
Double Major 0 0 0
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