Addiction Science

Key information

Course information

Programs Concentrations Obtainable Degree Number of Semesters Duration
Master Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation M.S. in Addiction Science 4 2 years
Lifestyle Health Care
Ph.D Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Ph.D. in Addiction Science 6 3 years
Lifestyle Health Care
Master & Ph.d Combined Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Ph.D. in Addiction Science 8 4 years
Lifestyle Health Care

General requirements

Degree requirenments M.A. Bachelor’s dgree or above
M.A. & Ph.d Combined Bachelor’s dgree or above
Ph.D. Master’s degree or above
Language requirenments TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71) IELTS 5.5/ CEFR B2/TEPS 600(NEW TEPS 327)

Educational Purpose

Department of Addiction Science aims to train addiction experts with rich knowledge on substance poisoning and behavioral addiction, ability to conduct transdisciplinary research, and abundant clinical experience. The department offers a curriculum focused on academic research and practical application for holistic treatment, as well as, healthy lifestyle development for the complete recovery from addiction. It provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the training of high-level addiction professionals. The objectives of the Department of Addiction Science are as follows.

  • To provide education and training programs for those whose who want to become experts in addiction counseling and rehabilitation.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to study addiction academically and cultivate practical techniques to enhance professional qualities that enable students to utilize educational and/or treatment programs on addiction counseling & rehabilitation, and lifestyle health care.

Fees & Scholarships

*Entrance fee Master course Master & Ph.D. combined course Ph.d
Tuition per semester 835,000 KRW 5,340,000 KRW 1~3 semester: 5,340,000KRW
4~8 semester: 5,490,000KRW
**International Student Scholarship applied 835,000 KRW 2,670,000 KRW 1~3 semester: 2,670,000KRW
4~8 semester: 2,745,000KRW
  • *Entrance fee is paid only for the first semester.
  • *The International Student Scholarship is applied to all international students in the first semester, and from the second semester, the scholarship is applied differently according to the GPA of the previous semester.
    (Check the table below)
GPA standard Scholarship
Above or equal to 4.0 50% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.5 40% of tuition
Above or equal to 3.0 20% of the tuition

Our Experts


Expected Career

  • addiction counseling center
  • addiction prevention center
  • international addiction prevention institutions
  • Graduate destinations

Student’s perspective

  • I always loved the enjoyable experience of SYU and the opportunity to study in a Christian institution. SYU is truly blessed to have amazing professors and staff. They are able to engage in the lives of students inside and outside the school. I do really like how transparent and welcoming the lessons were. I was pleased to know that in their curriculum they genuinely cared for my growth. My mentors have often encouraged me to become more confident in my faith by having regular discussions and in leading me by their own example. As I was approaching my graduation in just a few months, I was overwhelmed by the thought of how much influence this school has had on my life, and I’m very grateful for what SYU means to me.
    – Narcie Faith Pilon Amista –


Subjects Master Ph.D. Combined
Common Subject 3 3
Required Subjects 3 9 9
Elective Subjects 24 30 42
Practicum 3
Thesis/Dissertation P P P
Total 30 39 57

Required Subjects

Master’s Degree Required Courses

Subjects Credits
Advanced Statistics 3
Christian World View 3
M.A. Thesis P

Doctoral Degree Required Course

Subjects Credits
Advanced Research Methodology 3
In-depth Study 3
Addiction Practicum 3
Ph.D. Dissertation P

Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation Major

Subjects Credits
Advanced Health Psychology 3
Advanced Clinical Psychology) 3
Advanced Abnormal Psychology 3
Advanced Addiction Counseling* 3
Group Counseling for Addiction* 3
Family Counseling for Addiction* 3
Substance Addiction 3
Behavior Addiction 3
Treatment for Addiction and Co-Occurring Mental Disorders* 3
Clinical Decision Making for Addiction Treatment* 3
Addiction Case Management & Crisis Intervention* 3
Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Seminar* 3
Pharmacology for Addiction* 3
Addiction and Positive Recovery 3
Addiction and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy“ 3
Addiction and Trauma Therapy* 3
Ethics for Addiction Professionals* 3
Methodology of Qualitative Research 3
Advanced Statistics 3
Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Practicum 3

Lifestyle Health Care Major

Subjects Credits
Introduction to Addiction Rehabilitation & Lifestyle Medicine 3
Application of Addiction Rehabilitation & Lifestyle Medicine 3
Lifestyle Health Care Seminar 3
Stress Management* P
Sports Medicine 3
Public Health and Exercise* 3
Nutrition in Public Health* 3
Clinical Nutrition P
Public Health* 3
Epidemiology* 3
Health Education* 3
Health Education Methodology* P
Health Program Development & Evaluation* 3
Advanced Bio-Statictics* 3
Applications open in October 25, 2021
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