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[PHOTO] Congratulations on graduation, let's just walk the flower path!

syu 2021-02-19 454

On the morning of the 19th, Sahmyook University held a degree conferment ceremony for the first half of 2020 in the main auditorium.

To prevent the spread of Corona 19, the degree conferment ceremony was held with only a minimum number of people, including department heads, and was broadcast live online through YouTube.

School uniforms and caps were loaned to students who could not attend the site, but came to the school to take commemorative photos. Large banners were hung on the outer wall of the auditorium to create the atmosphere of the graduation ceremony. The degree term (degree certificate) was distributed at each department (department) office.

Thermometry stations were also operated throughout the school. All visitors in the school were required to wear masks, and after measuring body temperature, stickers were attached to allow access to buildings and classrooms.

The number of students who received the degree on this day is △13 doctors in general graduate school, 44 masters in graduate school △12 masters in seminary graduate school △1 master’s degree in business school △1001 bachelor’s degree.

Sang-mo Sang-mo, a student of the English Language and Literature major in the Faculty of English and Literature, was awarded the Chairman’s Award of Samyuk Academy. Hyo-gyun Kim, the head of the department (department) of the Department of Food and Nutrition, received a citation from the president of Samyuk University. Nine foreign students from various nationalities, including the United States, China, India, the Philippines, and Mongolia, and six students with disabilities also wore honorary academic caps on this day.

President Kim Il-mok said in Hoonhwa, “Wherever you go, whatever you do, I hope that you will become a’volunteer of truth and love’ by following the teachings learned at Samyuk University.” “Now, as alumni, do not forget that you are the face and representative of your alma mater. My alma mater Sahmyook University will also run hard to brighten you.”

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