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[NEWS] Chinese students enrolled in the Department of Integrated Arts

supr 2021-08-30 71

37 Chinese international students enrolled in the Global Gifted Course in the Department of Integrated Arts at Sahmyook University


37 Chinese international students, including 25 doctorate students and 12 master’s and doctorate integration course students, enrolled in the Global Gifted course in the second semester of 2021 at the Department of Integrated Arts at Sahmyook University’s Genera Graduate School.
The entrance ceremony was held on the 18th through the online video conferencing platform (ZOOM) and was attended by President Kim Il-mok, Dean Park Jeong-yang, International Education Center Director Yang Jae-wook, professors, and incoming students.

The Department of Integrated Arts was established in 2019 to cultivate art education leaders and art managers who integrally utilize various art genres. As a detailed major, △Integrated arts Education Content △Art Management △Global Gifted Integrates Arts will be provided this semester, and △International Art Curating & Criticism △International Art Business Administration & Management △International Fine Arts & visual Practical majors were additionally opened this semester.

Since 2019, the university has established a Global Gifted course for Chinese students to train international integrated art experts through Korean language education, theoretical education, major practice, and field training. Faculty members will invite prominent figures from each art field from Korea and China to conduct integrated art lectures and lease renowned galleries to provide opportunities to interact and participate with leading domestic artists.

Through the gifted education programs at Sahmyook University Global Arts Education Center, students can also participate in professional international volunteer activities such as free art education for gifted children and underprivileged in underdeveloped countries.

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