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[NEWS] '12.24:1' competition in rolling admissions

2022-11-02 1,266

On September 17th, Sahmyook University closed its rolling recruitment applications for the 2023 school year. The school was only recruiting 836 students; however, 12,266 applicants were applying, resulting in a 12.24:1 competition rate, a drastic increase from last year (8.74 to 1).

In the admissions within the quota, 1,049 students applied for the 47 applicants for the section with excellent practical skills (22.23 to 1); in the admission selection for academic excellence performance of 205 applicants, 3,979 applied (19.41 to 1), in general screening 2,400 applied for the selection of 171 students (14.04 to 1), in the Sewoom Recruitment 1,844 applicants applied for the 178 spaces (10.36 to 1), and for the socially considerate screening, 243 people applied for the recruitment of 41 people, showing a competition ratio of 5.93 to 1.

By the recruitment unit, the Department of Social Welfare, which was selected for students with excellent academic performance, recorded the highest competition ratio of 63.20 to 1. The Physical Education Department for general admissions recorded 44.33 to 1, and the Art and Design Department for practical excellence recorded 40.38 to 1. The non-qualification screening showed a competition ratio of 18.10 to 1 for specialized high schools, 0.33 to 1 for West Sea 5 provinces, 6.00 to 1 for a balanced opportunity, and 4.69 to 1 for those eligible for special education.

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