Graduate School of Business Administration


  • Applicants who parents are all foreign nationals
  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree or those who are expecting a Bachelor’s Degree by the time they enroll in the Graduate School of Sahmyook University

Documents Required for Admission.

  • pplication form: Printing out after completing the online application
  • Official (Prospective) Graduation Certificates from undergraduate institution
  • Apostille Certification Original or Consul’s Confirmation Original-Official Transcripts from undergraduate institution
  • Korean Language Test Certificates-TOPIK 4
  • A copy of passport
  • Dcouments that certify the applicant’s and applicant’s parents’ citizenship and relationship(foster parent, adaopted parent, step-parent, etc.)
  • Applicant’s or Sponsor(only parents)’s VOD(Verification of Deposit) indicating more than $20,000 USD in the bank.
  • ID picture(2 passport-style)

Application Fee

  • Master Program: 60,000 won


  • An applicant living in Korea follows the schedule announced by the school. An applicant outside the country has to finish the application procedures at least 2 weeks before the term begins.
  • An applicant staying in Korea has to maintain a visa that expires more than a month after.
  • If the report submitted turns out to be false your acceptance will be canceled even though after entering the school.
  • An applicant with a missionary visa has to get an approval from the sending institution.
  • Application form you submitted will not be changeable and canceled.
  • A student can attend the classes only after he/she finishes all the procedure of registration and pays the tuition and fees.
  • When international students get FA without any appropriate reason, it is reported to the immigration office.
  • Please leave your accurate address and phone number to the graduate school office.
Last modified date : 2019.04.29