Department of Theology

Who we are

SU’s Department of Theology traces its 112-year history back to Euimyung School, which began as a pastoral training school in 1906 in Soonahn, South Korea. With a holistic education of mind, body, and spirit at its core, the department offers an integrated program of academia and spirituality to future ministers of the church who will preach the Kingdom of God to all corners of the world. The students build character and cultural sensibility—a necessity for a leader in the modern age—and learn the academics of how to succeed as a pastor and a missionary. The following is a list of core subjects: Language studies in English Theology, Greek, and Hebrew; Old Testament studies in Pentateuch, Prophets, and Historical Books; New Testament studies in Life Lessons of Jesus, Pauline Epistles, and Acts of the Apostles; Systematic Theology studies in Christian Ethics, and Soteriology; Church History studies in History of the Christian Church and History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church; and Theological Practicum in Pastoral Theology, Homiletics, Liturgics, and Evangelism.

Educational Mission

Our mission is 5-fold: holistic education—cultivating a balanced mind, body, and spirit in future ministers; Biblical education—cultivating the soul in the tradition of Sola Scriptura; professional education—amassing theoretical and practical knowledge; missionary education—preaching the Gospel for the salvation of humankind; and learning to serve—helping those in need here and now.

What we are looking for:

  • Individuals with a passion and vision for spreading the Gospel throughout in Korea and the world
  • Individuals with practical knowledge of pastoral care and preaching the Gospel
  • Individuals who wholeheartedly love God, humanity, and the church

Vision and Career

The vision of the department is to produce pastors and ministers who can bring hope to the 21st century by looking at the world through Jesus’s eyes and by insightfully reading the times. The following are career path options for students of theology: pastor, conference worker, secondary school teacher (grade 2), missionary, Christian culture worker, mission worker at various institutions, etc.

Last modified date : 2018.10.01