Department of Environmental Design & Horticulture

Who we are

The Department of Environmental Design and Horticulture was founded on the integration/convergence of horticultural studies and environmental design studies. We produce well-qualified experts in the field of green design and horticulture through theoretical and practical studies. The core courses in design are chromatics, horticulture, garden design, lawn design, flower horticulture. The courses that act as foundation to the above studies are plant physiology, crop protection, functional botany, horticultural therapy, and plant factory. ICT and computer design courses are offered as means of implementing the learning to improve the quality of life and environment. Through all this, we produce experts and future leaders in the field of environmental design and horticulture.

Educational Mission

Due to economic development, improvement of living standards and urbanization, environmental design and horticulture has become of great importance. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Design and Horticulture is doing its best to produce qualified professionals able to contribute to national and social development.

Educational Goals

  • Cultivating creative talents

    Cultivating creative professionals with integrated knowledge of environment, design, and horticulture that can lead the advanced-urban agricultural sector

  • Expert training

    Cultivate qualified professionals capable of applying advanced technologies of life resources, environment, and design to create novelty

  • Human resource training

    Cultivate service-minded professionals that can build pleasant natural environments for community and country

What we are looking for:

  • To cultivate creative leaders in advanced urban agriculture who are versed in environment, design, and horticulture
  • To cultivate talented professionals capable of applying life resources, environment, and design technologies to come up with new ideas and material
  • To cultivate service-minded professionals that can build pleasant natural environments for community and country

Who we want you to become:

  • Horticultural industry leaders who practice sustainable exploration and love for plants
  • Urban horticulture and landscaping professionals with the necessary fusion skills in capitalist 21st century
  • Experiential and emotional design experts on urban environment and living space

Career options

In the field of environmental design, you may explore the possibility of becoming a public space designer (self-employed or work for company). You also have the option of becoming a green landscape designer for a landscape company or an architecture firm. Landscape design and management, flower decoration, event management are also possible career options.

For horticultural jobs, one might look into being a researcher or instructor as a public servant in one of the branch or affiliate bodies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. It is also possible to work at a community or city industrial sector, agricultural technology center, Nonghyup, Agricultural Products Distribution Corporation, the government and public institutions, farming material company, seedling company, advanced agricultural facility (plant factory), food company, airport and port quarantine station, golf course management and construction company, gardening arboretum. Pursuing a master’s degree is also a viable path to career success.

Related certifications

Environmental design

Colorist technician


Landscape engineer

Landscape technician

Environmental ecology

Natural ecology restoration technician

Flower decoration

Flower decoration technician

Flower decoration engineer

Horticulture facilities

Horticulture facilities industrial engineer

Horticulture facilities technician

Plant protection

Plant protection industrial engineer

Plant protection technician

Organic farming

Organic farming industrial technician


Industrial seed engineer

Seed technician


Agricultural product distributor

Lawn care

Green keeper

Golf course manager


High school teacher

Last modified date : 2018.10.01