Department of Chemistry & Life Science

Who we are

The Department of Chemistry and Life Science builds its foundation on the theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry and life sciences. On this firm groundwork, we teach and train future leaders and professionals of nanotechnology (NT), biotechnology (BT), and environmental science and technology (ET).

Nano, bio, and environmental science technologies are core technologies that will lead the knowledge-based industries in the 21st century. These diversified, high-value-added, and high-growth industries that utilize basic chemistry and life sciences have great potential in the future. As such, the department is engaged in research on new materials, cosmetics, environment and energy, biomedicine, and bio-resources and industrial fields. Through the training of talented individuals with good character standing and future-oriented values, we aim to produce well-prepared, well-rounded professionals who will lead in the field of chemistry and life sciences.

What we are looking for:

  • Students with high achievement in chemistry and life sciences
  • Students passionate about science who are creative, analytical, and logical
  • Students with a lot of interest in the principle of bio phenomena and spirit of inquiry
  • Team-oriented students driven by a common goal that know how to harmonize various opinions
  • Volunteers who use their skills for the common good

Who we want you to become:

Experts with sound professionalism and engineering skills required by future society

Career options

Graduate school, Chemical / Life Sciences, Chemical and Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Environment, Bio-Venture, Petrochemical, Chemical Engineering, Polymer, New Material Development, Cosmetics Manufacturing, Electronics and Semiconductor Science

Related certifications

Chemical analytical technician, chemical atmosphere technician, environmental water quality technician, soil environment technician, wastes treatment technician, industrial chemical engineer, explosives manufacture engineer, industrial hazardous materials technician, quality management engineer, quality control engineer, factory safety management technician, bio-classification technician, natural environment management technician, natural environment and ecological restoration technician, environmental technician

Last modified date : 2018.10.01