RN-BSN Course

Who we are

The Ministry of Education approved this nursing program at SU in 1996. Since 1997, the program has been accepting 40 freshmen each year. The program is created for students expecting to graduate from a three-year nursing college and are working in the field of nursing. The aim of the program is to enhance student’s public health capacities, along with professional clinical knowledge and skills so that they may acquire a bachelor’s in nursing.

The course brings together students who are working while undertaking their studies. This creates a synergy where students can share knowledge and information as well as their struggles as a working student. Since it is a day program, students can enjoy a vibrant and enthusiastic learning environment along with a fun-spirited campus culture.

As adult learners who self-directed and highly motivated, students in the bachelor’s degree program have ample on-the-job experience. Considering this, the program is built around self-directed learning with online lectures.

Educational Mission

  • MISSION: To produce professionals with Christian values ​​and nursing professional intuition
  • VISION: Demonstrate integrated nursing ability based on critical and creative thinking skills
  • PASSION: Volunteers who demonstrate active leadership in the global healthcare environment

Educational Goals

  • Forms Christian values ​​and nursing professional intuition.
  • To cultivate scientific inquiry in nursing students.
  • Impart clinical nursing practice skills.

What we are looking for:

  • A person of prayer with Christ’s love for humanity and spirit of service
  • A nurse who contributes creatively and actively to healthcare
  • SA leading nurse in the globalization era

Career options

After graduation and after obtaining a nurse license, students are able to go into many different fields. One may work at a general hospital, the industrial sector, elementary and secondary schools as nurses, and as a public servant upon passing the exam. Furthermore, after graduate school and the NCLEX-RN examination, students may also go abroad to the US and other countries as nurses. You can also take the national qualification examination upon completing the health education course during your studies

: Nurses, insurance screening nurses, health workers, health teachers (class 2), overseas employment, military nursing officers, industrial field health managers, professional nurses after graduate school, professors and researchers

Related certificationns

Social worker (class 2), health teacher (class 2), health education teacher, addiction counselor (class 2)

Last modified date : 2018.10.01