Department of Nursing

Who we are

The Department of Nursing was established in 1974 for honing and amassing the skills and knowledge of nursing on the foundation of a harmonious development of the mind, spirit, and the body, the Christian faith, and inquiry based on scientific knowledge. The Department of Nursing operates undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and health and welfare graduate schools (clinical nursing: specialized nursing course), tumor specialization programs, elderly care programs, and the RNBSN course.

SU is dedicated to cultivating well-rounded professionals with emphasis on liberal arts and service education. Thanks to this dedication, SU has been award the “Character Award” for four consecutive years. The Nursing Department has been at the forefront of reaching out to those in need through not only learning theoretical and practical knowledge but also actually serving others through department clubs and free tutoring services.

The Department of Nursing operates a credit exchange program with Loma Linda University in Southern California, USA and has active student exchange activities with universities in Australia and Japan. You can also participate in overseas training courses and volunteer activities in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Students are able to complete the addiction specialization course, which was established in 2014. Students can also apply for various internship programs both at home and abroad.

The Department of Nursing has 20 affiliate medical institutions including 4 tertiary medical institutions and 5 specialized medical institutions. It also provides high quality hands-on training for the professors, field managers, and instructors.

Educational Mission

Based on the harmonious development of mind, body, spirit, and based on the scientific inquiry, nursing students will contribute to the well-being of humanity and medical treatment of people.

Educational Goals

  • Forms Christian values ​​and nursing professional intuition.
  • To cultivate scientific inquiry in nursing students.
  • Impart clinical nursing practice skills.
  • Based on their critical and creative thinking, students will integrate professional knowledge and nursing skills.
  • Form professional nursing capacity through communication and cooperation.
  • Demonstrate active leadership skills in the global healthcare environment.

What we are looking for:

  • Students with the potential of becoming a praying nurse in the spirit of humanity and service of Christ.
  • Students with the potential to become a nurse that contributes to health care in an active, creative manner
  • Students with the potential to become leaders the globalization era


After graduation and after obtaining a nurse license, students are able to go into many different fields. One may work at a general hospital, the industrial sector, elementary and secondary schools as nurses, and as a public servant upon passing the exam. Furthermore, after graduate school and the NCLEX-RN examination, students may also go abroad to the US and other countries as nurses. You can also take the national qualification examination upon completing the health education course during your studies.

Career options

With the exception of a few cases (e.g. going to graduate school), all graduates are employed by tertiary medical institutions, public health centers, and public institutions. The program also boasts high alumni reputation and job retention rates. The following is a list of possible career options: nurse, insurance screening nurse, public health servants, school nurse (class 2), nurses (class 2), military nursing officers, midwives, industrial health managers, post-graduate professional nurses, professors and researchers, public health educators.

Last modified date : 2018.10.01