Department of Food & Nutrition

Who we are

The Department of Food and Nutrition focuses on education for the health and development of the body, which is the basis for developing a balanced education of the mind, body, and spirit. The department fosters leaders who can contribute to the improvement of nutrition and health of people by acquiring scientific knowledge about food and nutrition.

Starting with core subjects such as chemistry and physiology, the very fundamentals of Food and Nutrition, students study about nutrition, advanced nutrition, clinical nutrition, NEWSTART, healthy cooking, producing healthy food, and dietary habits that are useful for human health and disease prevention.

Educational Mission and Goals

Our mission is to cultivate outstanding professionals who, with ample knowledge of the fundamentals of food and nutrition, contribute to the common good of the health of the world. Furthermore, we aim to nurture professionals who, with a mind of service, go out in the world armed with the health message of the Adventist church informed by modern discoveries and theories in the field.

What we are looking for:

  • Students with the potential to become a “Pro Nutritionist” in food nutrition with scientific expertise, sincerity, honesty, and love
  • Students with the potential to become a creative “consultant” in the food service industry with ABC skills

    * ABC = Academic (Theory) + Business + Communication

  • Students who have the potential to become global food nutrition “safety managers” Target talent

Who we want you to become:

  • “Pro Nutritionist” in the field of food and nutrition that combines scientific expertise and sincerity, honesty, and love.
  • Creative consultants in the food service industry with ABC skills
  • Glocal food and nutrition hygiene manager with expertise in diet theory and technology

Career options

  • Educational research and policy areas: Primary and secondary school nutrition teachers, public officials, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, etc.
  • Food and nutrition research field: Korea Food & Drug Administration, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea Food Research Institute, RDA, National Institute of Health, Institute of Medicine, etc.
  • Professional nutritionist and nutrition information field: Clinical nutritionist, nutritionist, nutritionist of school and industrial foodservice, consultant nutritionist, nutrition information analyst, nutritionist, internet nutrition and health related site development and manager, etc.
  • Restaurant management field: food service industry product planning and marketing manager, purchasing manager, restaurant establishment, food service consultant, menu planner, etc.
  • Food culture and food field: Traditional food product planner, dietary food journalist, taste columnist, food product planning expert, etc.
  • Food company: Marketing, production management, distributor, health functional food consultant, etc.
Last modified date : 2018.10.01