Division of English Studies

Who we are

The Division of English Studies department—the first to implement an innovative, groundbreaking all-day English learning program in South Korea—is internationally recognized for its twenty-first-century language programs while maintaining its rich history and tradition.

What we are looking for:

  • Individuals with outstanding academic achievement with high English proficiency and fluency
  • Individuals interested and passionate about English literature and interpretation/translation with a strong background in English
  • Individuals interested in becoming a secondary English teacher, interpreter, translator, public servant, and overseas missionary with strong social (cooperative and empathetic) and communication skills

Career options

  • English Literature Major

    Secondary English teacher, interpreter, translator, public servant, overseas missionary, employee of the Seventh-day Adventist affiliate organizations, academia and education sector, domestic and international trade companies (Students of this major may receive a grade 2 teaching certificate upon completion of an instruction course)

  • English Interpretation/Translation Major

    Interpreter, translator, diplomat, educator, broadcaster, international trade, foreign company, government institution, academy

Last modified date : 2018.10.01