Department of Japanese Language

Who we are

Our mission is to produce professionals with sound academic understanding of Japanese language and culture, which is built on language proficiency, and practical knowledge of Korea Japan relations pertaining to culture, economics, and history. Graduates of the program receive outstanding career support in the form of practicum and internship opportunities as agreed by academic-industrial collaboration. We also collaborate with Sahmyook Foundation affiliate SDA Language Institute in various educational endeavors. Furthermore, we place emphasis on producing global leaders and professionals by providing international language exchange programs with sister universities in Japan and around the world.

What we are looking for:

  • Individuals interested in Japanese language, history, society, culture, and literature
  • Individuals with high intercultural awareness, self-determination, enthusiasm, can-do-spirit, spirit of cooperation, flexibility, responsibility, and a desire to become a global leader
  • Individuals interested in contributing to the public good of Korea and Japan and/or in acting as a mediator between the two countries

Career options

Office worker, trading company, Japanese educational institution, Japanese language instructor, interpreter, translator, tour guide, or going to graduate school

Last modified date : 2018.10.01